What are the reported US Secret Service codenames for Malia and Sasha Obama?

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Who is Malia Obama?

Malia Obama is the elder of American President Barack Obama's twodaughters, born on July 4, 1998.

Where do Malia and Sasha Obama go to school?

\n\n Both Malia and Sasha Obama currently attend an elite private academy, \nthe Sidwell Friends School. A number of diplomats and political figures\nhave sent their children to this school because of its high academic \nstandards, as well as its familiarity with handling security concerns \nfor (MORE)

How old is Sasha and Malia Obama?

Sasha was born in 2001, making her nine years old as of 2010, and Malia was born in 1998, making her twelve years old as of 2010.

What grade are Malia and Sasha Obama in?

Malia Obama started fifth grade in September 2008 while Sasha Obama started second grade. . http://www.suntimes.com/news/politics/obama/1151344,obamakids090808.article

Does Malia Obama have a boyfriend?

Maybe, but given that the source for this assertion is the tabloid "National Enquirer," I would be hesitant to trust it. According to a 2011 article, Malia Obama confided in her grandmother that she shared a special lunchtime kiss with a boy at her school. But there is no way to know if it's true, a (MORE)

Did Barack Obama Care for Sasha and Malia much?

By all accounts, Barack Obama is an excellent father. Even his political enemies like Sean Hannity have praised him as a positive role model for fatherhood. Mr. Obama has said that he wanted to have kids, and he wanted to be a more involved dad than his biological father was. So, yes President Obama (MORE)

What instrument does malia Obama play?

I'm not exactly sure, but in a picture I saw she was holding a flute case. So she probably plays the flute. I'm not sure if she plays any other ones though.

What year Sasha and malia born in?

Sasha is 7 born she was born on 2001 or 2000 malila is 10 born 1999 natasha "Sasha" Obama was born June 8th, 2001 malia ann Obama was born July 4th, 1998

Where were Sasha and Malia during the Inaugural Balls?


What are Malia and Sasha Obama' height?

Malia, 12, is 5' 9" as of July 2010, according to her father. He didn't mention a height for Sasha, 9, and there aren't recent pictures so it's anyone's guess at this point.

Does Sasha and malia have a cellphone?

I have no idea but Malia probably does because she's 14, but I don't know about Sasha. Sasha could have a phone because a lot of my friends have phones and they are ten and they have I pads too. They got their iphones or Androids when they were 8,9 and 10. Thanks for reading this!

Do malia and Sasha go to private school?

we dont know yet they trying to put them in private school.. we dont know yet they trying to put them in private school.. we dont know yet they trying to put them in private school.. we dont know yet they trying to put them in private school.

Malia and Sasha Obama's phone number?

There are many people who would like Malia and Sasha's phone number, but nobody on Answers.com will be giving it to you. First, none of us know it-- it is kept private, which is a rule for all children of presidents. Second, because Malia and Sasha are still young, their father and mother (the Presi (MORE)

When did Michelle Obama have Sasha Obama?

Natasha Obama was born on June 10, 2001. She is 10 years old. The family's friend Dr. Anita Blanchard delivered both of the Obama's children at the university of Chicago Medical Center.

Does Obama tickle Malia and Sasha?

Probably... I mean what parent has never tickled their kids? My father tickled us until we were like 20 years old, even though you're a teen and preteen.. That DOESN"T mean that they don't have time for a little tickling fun!

How do you report a dirty secret service agent?

Make sure you have concrete evidence before accusing someone of that position of something like that. If you believe you have solid evidence, I would call the nearest FBI office and hand that information over to them.

Is Malia Obama a US citizen?

No, there is absolutely no reason why the daughter of the President of the United States would ever be a U.S. citizen

Who is malia obamas new boyfriend?

We don't really know. There are some tabloid rumors that she has a crush on a boy at the school she attends, but since those rumors come from an unreliable source, I would be hesitant to trust them.

Does Obama hate secret service?

No, he does not. in fact, he depends on the Secret Service to keep him safe, and he has confidence in them. (All presidents, and the presidential nominees of the opposing party, rely on the Secret Service for protection; thus, it has a very important function.) Undoubtedly, there are times when poli (MORE)

Is Malia and Sasha Obama considered to be mixed race?

In the old days, back when segregation was the law of the land, even having one ancestor who was black could cause a person to suffer discrimination. But these days, past ancestry does not mark a person the way it used to. I think most people would think of Sasha and Malia as black, since their moth (MORE)

Are malia and Sasha half white?

No. Although Barack Obama was born to a white mother and a black father, the one-drop rule as well as the fact that he self-identifies as African-American makes him black. Since Malia and Sasha Obama were born to a black father (Barack Obama) and a black mother (Michelle Obama) they too are black. (MORE)

Do Sasha and Malia Obama have a phone?

Yes, they do, but their numbers are not public, and the president and his wife are very careful with how often the First Daughters are allowed to use their phones (as well as how often they can text, use their computers, etc). While President and Mrs. Obama certainly want their kids to have a normal (MORE)

How many secret service agents does Obama have?

The number of secret service agents a president has is generally not made public, to assure his safety. If people knew how many secret service agents the president had, it would make a potential threat to him much easier to carry out. That is also why the secret service rarely explains their plans f (MORE)

Does Malia Obama have an Instagram?

Yes i think she does because if you look up her name it has pictures of her and her family but maybe it is someone who used her name idk!

What do malia and Sasha do for fun in the White House?

All presidents do their best to make sure their kids have as normal a life as possible. The White House has a movie room, for example, where Sasha and Malia can invite their friends and watch the newest films (going out to a movie can be a problem if you are a president's kid; you don't get much pri (MORE)

What is malia obamas Instagram name?

Some sources have said that it is ma_lia_ann but in general, we do not publish the private phones, private Twitter names, private e-mail addresses, etc. of famous people; if they have published that kind of information themselves, we will repeat it, but we believe celebrities and presidents (and the (MORE)