What are the rivers in Gabon?

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There are more than fifty different rivers in Gabon. These range from large rivers to smaller streams. These include Campo River, Komo River, Mbine River, Ivindo River, and the Nke River.

What are the major rivers of Gabon?

1. Okano 2 .Ogoue 3 Ngounie Aïna River Bouenguidi Ivindo River Lekon . Lolo River . Léconi River . Mpassa River . Muni Riv . Ntem Riv

Who discovered Gabon?

Portuguese explorers and traders arrived in the area in the late15th century
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What are facts about Gabon?

Facts about Gabon: . More than 3 quarters of the territory is covered byforest. . The capital was founded by Catholic missionaries to houseliberated slaves. . Gabon is in
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What are the four major rivers in Gabon?

The largest river in Gabon is the 1200 km long Ogooué River,followed by the 600 km long Nyanga River. Two other major rivers isthe 230 km long Komo River and the Muni River