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Main function of parliament is to make and pass laws based on the subjects of any of the three lists, viz., Union List - 97 subjects; State List - 66 subjects and Concurrent List - 47 subjects. Parliament also possesses 'Residuary Powers', i.e., it can make laws on the miscellaneous subjects also, that are not there in any of the three lists, if it thinks that law is for the welfare of the country...
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What is floor test in parliament of India?

  Floor test is to prove majority(by head-count) on the floor of the House(Parliament) for a crucial decision. .e.g. Indo - US Nuclear Deal to be signed or not .To sign

What did parliament think about the power of the king?

A rather potted history is: King Charles I thought he should rule  by divine right, given to him by God. Parliment thought that the  people (Parliament) should govern the co

How is the member of Parliament of India elected?

  By General Elections, where the common people cast their vote and among the contestants one who get more number of votes declared as winner and he/she gets elected to th

What are the functions and powers of Indian Parliament?

The cardinal functions of the Legislature include overseeing of administration, passing of budget, ventilation of public grievances, and discussing various subjects like devel

Who is architect of parliament house of India?

The building was designed by two famous architects- Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker-who were responsible for the planning and construction of New Delhi. The Foundatio

What is the role of parliament?

Its main roles are:Examining and challenging the work of the government (scrutiny)Debating and passing all laws (legislation)Enabling the government to raise taxes

Eligibility of member of parliament of India?

The Parliament of India is made up of two houses, the Lok Sabha and  Rajya Sabha. Members must be citizens of India and meet certain  other requirements. The minimum age of