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What are the roles functions of parliament of India Do you think there is a change in the power of parliament?

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Main function of parliament is to make and pass laws based on the subjects of any of the three lists, viz., Union List - 97 subjects; State List - 66 subjects and Concurrent List - 47 subjects. Parliament also possesses 'Residuary Powers', i.e., it can make laws on the miscellaneous subjects also, that are not there in any of the three lists, if it thinks that law is for the welfare of the country...
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What is the role of the British parliament?

Its main roles are:Examining and challenging the work of the government (scrutiny)Debating and passing all laws (legislation)Enabling the government to raise taxes
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What did parliament think about the power of the king?

A rather potted history is: King Charles I thought he should rule  by divine right, given to him by God. Parliment thought that the  people (Parliament) should govern the co (MORE)

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How many members are there in the Parliament of India?

The legislature of India has two chambers. The "Lok Sabha" is composed of democratically elected representatives of the people and the Indian Constitution lays down that the (MORE)

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What are the functions and powers of Indian Parliament?

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What did George III think about Parliament?

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