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the sizes of a bra are...

A30 D32
A32 D34
A34 D36
A36 DD32
B30 DD34
B32 DD36
B36 and after that you need to customize your bras.
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What are all the bra sizes?

a, b, c, d... and then you can have some fitted for yourself... the number is the circumference if your chest line and the letter is the cup size.

How do you get your bra size?

Use a tape measure. 1: Measure around your ribcage, just under your breasts. This is your band size. If the measurement is odd, add or subtract an inch depending on how "sq

What is a bra size?

it tells you your size for a bra, just like sizes for jeans. its pretty much your boob size. Improved answer: Bra size consists of your band size, the band of the bra that go

What are the sizes for bras?

The cup size of a bra is determined by letters. Ex. A, B, C, D. and the length of the strap that hooks around the body is determined by higher numbers (every two) Ex. 32, 34,

Is bra size 32D a big bra size?

Well 32 D is big. That means you are skinny with big boobs. The average breast size of a woman is a b

What size bras are there?

Typically A-D are the standard sizes, but there can be higher than D, such as DD and even up to an F. Anything above D is hard to find, and normally must be ordered. They also

What are the sizes of bras?

aaa, aa, a, b, c, d, dd, e, etc., etc., that determines the width the number, 30, 32, 34, 36, etc, determine length

Is there bra size 12 dd?

There should be a sz. 12 DD, I think bra sizes go up to an F anything past that your out of luck. Edit: There definitely is size 12DD.
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How do you size your bra?

you get a measuring tape, (clothing kind) rap it around the bottom of your bra, then add 5 inches.