What are the special growth patterns of flamingos?

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Well.. Theres 2 Flamingo's...they ... do it, have a baby, the baby grows up, Myabe it has kids, but than , it dies.
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What is the growth pattern of Kona Coffee?

Answer . Kona coffee is the market name for a variety of coffee (Coffee arabica) cultivated on the slopes of Mount Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona Distri

What is the growth pattern of a young tree?

it starts off with a seed it takes water and food and nutrients then it slowly came out of it's seed coat then a tiny root went down into the soil then eventually the tree sta

What is the mustang horses special growth pattern?

a mustang foal's coat is usually darker than it is supposed to be, and as the foal grows, it develops natural patterns;an appaloosa's spotted rump, a zebra's stripes{usually s

A logistic growth pattern from an exponential growth pattern?

The growth rate in an exponential growth will continue to increase over time. In logistic growth, the growth rate will increase until it begins to level off at at the carrying
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What is the migration pattern of flamingos?

After breeding the flamingos will wait for the chicks to grow strong enough to fly and then they will migrate to a place with more water. they believe their diet is what makes
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What type of growth pattern does corn have?

The typical corn plant develops 20-21 leaves, silks at 65 days and is mature at the grand old age of 125 days. Corn is a monocot.. Vegetative Stages . emergence . first