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What are the specific surgical instruments used in a Dilation and Curettage operation?

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Dear, You see on that question has two terms: DILATION and CURETTAGE, so instrument should be use for that procedure is instrument used for dilation and instrument used for curettage. Instrument should be use for dilation:-Hegar dilation include numbers from 3 to 12. Instrument should be use for curettage: curette, it is side small, medium, and large, and blunt or sharp. by the side some instrument need for dilation and curettage such as uterine measurement, teneculum, ring forcep, pean, needle, syring, medicine cup..ege.. I hope I explaned some thing to you. have a nice weekend. CN.
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How much does a dilation and curettage cost?

  Just doing a quick search on findzer's web search I came up with a bunch of links to info about the procedure but nothing about actual cost I guess it depends on the acc

What type of herbs can you use instead of dilation and curettage?

Dilation and curettage is typically performed by Obstetricians in  order to remove the contents of the uterus. In lieu of this  procedure, evening primrose, black and blue c

What is dilation curettage?

If you have a miscarriage and the remains doesn´t come out or if you have an abortion they can perform a D&C which is basically scraping out the uterus. D stands for dilation

What aftercare is required for dilatation and curettage?

Most women can resume normal activities almost immediately. Patients should avoid sexual intercourse, douching, and tampon use for at least two weeks to prevent infection whil