What are the specific surgical instruments used in a Dilation and Curettage operation?

Dear, You see on that question has two terms: DILATION and CURETTAGE, so instrument should be use for that procedure is instrument used for dilation and instrument used for curettage. Instrument should be use for dilation:-Hegar dilation include numbers from 3 to 12. Instrument should be use for curettage: curette, it is side small, medium, and large, and blunt or sharp. by the side some instrument need for dilation and curettage such as uterine measurement, teneculum, ring forcep, pean, needle, syring, medicine cup..ege.. I hope I explaned some thing to you. have a nice weekend. CN.
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What is used to dilate eyes for examinations?

Dilating drops, which are also called "Mydriatics" are used to enlarge the pupil for eye examinations to allow the eye doctors to see into the eye in detail.

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