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What are the three types of powers congress has?

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to levy taxes, declare war, and to make laws
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What are the three powers of congress?

Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes, they have the  power to declare war, and they have the power over the impeachment  process. Congress has several other power

What are three powers of congress?

The United States is a government of enumerated powers. Congress, and the other two branches of the federal government, can only exercise those powers given in the Constitutio

Three powers of congress?

Congress has the power to declare war. They can lay and collect  taxes and Congress handles impeachment. The House votes to impeach  and the Senate conducts the trial.

What are the three powers of the congress?

The congress is made up of 2 houses; the house of representatives and the senate. Each house have different powers. The house of representatives can impeach the president and

What are three powers that congress has?

Answer   fiscal power, trade power, and military power     Only Congress can declare war   Only Congress can impeach (House), try (Senate), and remove office h

What are three powers denied to congress?

Congress was denied some powers which were given to the President,  the Judiciary or the states. These include the power to execute the  laws, and the power to interpret the

What are three prohibitions on the powers of congress?

Congress has several limitations. Three of those limitations are  that they cannot enact new taxes on their own, they cannot place  taxes on items being exported from any st