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What are the three types of powers congress has?

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to levy taxes, declare war, and to make laws
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What are the three powers of the congress?

The congress is made up of 2 houses; the house of representatives and the senate. Each house have different powers. The house of representatives can impeach the president and

What are the three limitations on the power of congress?

your probably doing the SOS test! lol! let me help u out... constitution, supreme court, and public opinion.

What are the three powers of congress?

Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes, they have the  power to declare war, and they have the power over the impeachment  process. Congress has several other power

What are three types of power plants?

In the electric utility industry, there are three main types of power plants, categorized according to the functions they perform. These are called "base," "intermediate" and

What are three enumerated powers given to Congress?

Congress has the right and power to Coin money, declare war, to raise and support armies, lay and collect taxes, borrow money, impeach a president, and many other things.

What two types of powers do congress have?

Congress has expressed and implied powers. Expressed are strictly stated powers in the Constitution. Implied powers are derived from the elastic clause of the Constitution.

What are three powers of the us congress besides passing laws?

The United States Congress can, Impeach a President, Impeach a Supreme Court Judge, and Declare War. They also have many more powers. Their powers are found in Article I of Th

What are three powers that congress has?

Answer   fiscal power, trade power, and military power     Only Congress can declare war   Only Congress can impeach (House), try (Senate), and remove office h

What are three powers not given to congress?

  they cant make laws/they cant destroy laws/and they cant have more power.   they cant make laws/they cant destroy laws/and they cant have more power.

What types of powers are delegated to congress?

To borrow money on the credit of the United States; To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes; To establish a uniform