What are the two basic characteristics of art?

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Concentration and creative
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The most basic element of art?

Answer . The most basic element of art is emotion.. Answer . I don't know if you can really name one element most basic, but it might be line.

What are the characteristics of arts?

Characteristics of ARTS:. - born out of a CONTEXT. - has a CONCEPT in thoughts and emotions. - require Technical Approach. - motivated by LOVE.

Basic assumptions of the art?

The basic assumptions of art is that everything can be representedand that art speaks. The other assumption is that art pays.

What are the basic elements of fine arts?

Shape: A shape always has two dimensions, length as well as width. This is represented as an enclosed area that is defined by color, value, space, texture and form. When lin

What are three basic properties of art?

There are seven basic elements of art. Line, shape, texture, light, value, color and space. In addition, time and motion are sometimes considered an element of art

What are the basic martial arts?

kungfu, karate, judo, jijitsu, khali and no dahhhhhh ninja!!!!!..... XD from skaterdude2 A.K.A steven hendricks

What did you expect in basic culinary arts?

In high school, I enrolled in a Food Service vocational program. Iliked to cook and didn't want to sit in a class room all day.That's all I expected. Taking the class brought