What are things around your house that produce electromagnetic waves?

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The most powerful producer of EM waves is probably your microwave oven. Other items include Wi-Fi & bluetooth devices, mobile phones, remote central locking car keys, R/C toys, wireless baby monitors, wireless headphones, smart electricity meters & two way radios.
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What produces electromagnetic waves?

Electric charges in oscillating motion do. any movement of charged particles

How can electromagnetic waves be produced?

Any electric charge undergoing acceleration will produce Electromagnetic waves. This is by far the most common way. . If an oscillating electric field is synchronized with an

How is an electromagnetic wave produced?

electromagnetic waves are produced by the motion of electrically charged particles. electromagnetic waves are also called electromagnetic radiation because they radiate from e

How does electromagnetic waves produce radar?

Radar uses electromagnetic waves to find the distance between to points. The speed of electromagnetic waves is the speed of light, 300 Millinmeters/second or 600 Million Nau

How is electromagnetic wave produced?

Electromagnetic waves are not produced, they exsist as part of the electromagnetic force (one of the four knows forces, like gravity), science still does not have an answer to

How electromagnetic wave produced?

electromagnetic waves are produced by the changes in the sub atomiclevel when heat or electricity is applied to an atom electron whichis present in lower energy level will obs

Which electromagnetic waves are produced by the sun?

Visible light because some of the energy that reaches the earth from the sun is visible light. The visible light from the sun is white light. White light is visible light of

Do electromagnetic waves produce heat?

Electromagnetic waves do produce heat. It depends a bit on the frequency and of course the strength of them as to how much heat that is produced. It also depends on what mediu

Does photons produces electromagnetic waves?

Not exactly. Actually, no. Photons are chunks of electromagnetic waves. As such, they do not produce EM waves, they ARE those waves. A photon inter-acting with some other pa

What can produce electromagnetic waves?

When a charge is stationary then an electric field exists. If that charge moves uniformly in space then magnetic field arises around the direction of movement of that charge.