What are toe jams?

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the bits of gunk that sticks to your toes like bits of sock and sweat.
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What is toe jam?

Toe jam is the the lint, dirt, dead skin cells, body oil, bacteriaand other stuff that accumulates between your toes.

Is toe jam grape flavored?

why dont you try some..the last time i had some it tasted like paw paw with a hint of mango chutney..toe jam is good in any fruit salad.

How do you find toe jam?

TO find toe jam you simply look in the mirror. stick your foot up ans find toe nail clippers. clip your toe nails(they need it). then say (hippo hippo toe jimpo)..... and WA

What do you do when you jam a toe?

you get toe jam!! it's a joke! yeahh!!!!!! No but seriously what you want to do is an anatomical splint so use medical tape or whatnot to tape your toe to the one right next

What color is toe jam?

Most toe jam is green if you have toe jam just stick your feet in warm water and scrub in between your toes.

Do zombies like toe jam?

Yeah they do cuz my mommy was sleeping one night, and a zombie came up to her bed, and starting licking her toejam. It was so gross! but then he bit off her toe and I was all
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Why toe JAM why not toe CRUD?

well i personally believe that it is toe jam one because it is jammed between your toes and two toe jam is yummy like jam. crud is not.
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Why do toe jams smell?

It is the combination of dead skin cells, fungus, and bacteria that breeds which results from the waste products so it produces a odor that is so offensive in such of small sp