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What are types of virtual organization?

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Where do you type in cheat codes for virtual families?

I've been copy-pasting this answer on tons of questions but it's the only real cheat that I know for this game (so far) here it is: Here's a cheat that will give you unlimite

What is virtual organization?

A Virtual Organization 1. Does not have a physical presence like bricks and mortar organization but it exist electronically 2. This is not constrained by the legal defini

Definition of virtual organization?

  A network of continually evolving independent organizations that share skills, costs, and access to one another's markets.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of virtual organization?

Save money on office space and labor while maintaining a high level or professionalism. Disadvantages may be that it isn't scalable and the virtual office locations may be lim

What are examples of types of organisms that are producers?

Producers are organisms that make organic food molecules from  CO2, H2O, and other inorganic raw materials:  a plant, algae, or autotrophic bacterium.    Examples o