What biome is Damascus Syria in?

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The Abbasid capital was moved from Damascus Syria to?

Damascus was the capital of the Uymmad Caliphate, the caliphate before the Abbasid one. The first capital of the Abbasid Caliphate was Kufa, then Baghdad, then Samarra, and th

How do you obtain a marriage certificate from a marriage in Damascus Syria?

The only way to get the marriage certifacate is to go to the Ministry of Interior office downtown Damascus to the Third floor and you will find a window saying in English MARR
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Zip Code for Damascus Syria?

Damascus, Syria has not adopted a zip code or postal code system.When addressing letters to the country, a person should use DimashqSyrian Arab Republic under the address.
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What is the longitude and latitude of Damascus Syria?

-- The center of the field at Al Jalaa Stadium is located at 33.5020° north latitude 36.2538° east longitude. -- The southwest end of Runway-05R at Damascus Int