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a yard stick
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How do you measure a cubic yard?

area of your yard, area of your house, area of your room, and a nine by nine from subway.

How do you figure how many acres are in a plot of land that measures 430.24 yards by 260.55 yards by 466.75 yards by 80.17 yards.?

To find the area of an irregular shape, you also need to know each of the angles. You can then divide the figure into several regular shapes, like triangles and rectangles, calculate the area of each piece, and add them together.. I would add... convert yards to feet and divide by 43,560. (sq feet in one acre).

How do you measure 40 yards?

Forty yards is the equivalent to. one hundred and twenty feet. one thousand four hundred and forty inches. zero point zero two hundred and twenty seven miles. zero point zero three hundred and sixty six kilometers. thirty six point six meters

Is the long jump in track measured in yards?

No. The long jump world record is measured in meters. The world record is 8.95 meters (29 feet, 4 1/2 inches) as of April 1, 2008.

What is measured in yards?

u can measure a football pitch a stretch of road or a rugby pitch put a banana in ur ear

Where can i find a Measurement table yards and inches?

One answer . Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary contains a table of Weights and Measures on the same page it defines weight; in my copy page 1319

How would you measure 1320 feet into yards?

There are 3 feet in 1 yard. To convert 1320 feet into yards, divided 1320 by 3.. (1320/3)=440 yards

Is yard a unit of measurement in the metric system?

No - a yard is a unit in the imperial system - its metric equivalent is 0.9144 metres.

How do you measure in yards?

From the end of your nose (looking straight forward) to the tip of your finger (arm completely extended to the side) is a yard.

How do you measure 42 inches into yards?

you subtract the largest mult. of 12 from 42 which is 36 and that is 3 ft then that leaves 6 in. 3 ft eaquals one yard so 42in= 1yd and 6in

How do you measure yards in 632 sq feet?

a sq yard is 3 ft x 3 ft. 9sq feet to a sq yard so just divide 632 sq ft by 9 equals 70.2222 about 70sq yards and 2 to 3 sq feet

Is a car measured in feet or yards?

both but yards would work better because there longer. 1 yard = 3 feet. 1 foot = 12 inches

Formula for measuring square yard of carpet?

The formula for determining square yards is... length times width divided by 9 = square yards

How do you calculate walkway measurement to sq yards?

You will have to measure the length and width, in yards, and multiply. You can also measure it out in feet, multiply, and divide by nine. If you're pouring concrete, you need the cubic yards, not the square yards.

What objects can you measure in yards?

Of course you can measure a football field in yards. ie- John ran 2 yards and the ball is at the 30 yard line.

How do you measure yards?

1 yard = 3 feet. Most tape measures are marked in feet, so measure the feet, then divide by 3.

How do you measure for a cubic yard?

It is the volume of a cube with sides that have a length of 1 yard. (3 feet or 36 inches or 0.9144 meters)

How is a cubic yard measured?

Generally with a ruler or a tape measure. Seriously, any three-dimensional volume which measures 36 inches on all three directions (width, length, height) is a cubic yard. Even if you don't have a perfect cube shape, you can still figure it out. Ex.-- a volume measuring 12 inches (one foot) deep (or high) times 3 feet wide times 9 feet long equals one cubic yard.

What can be measured in yards?

usually its any field. for example, a backyard , a lawn , football field ,even a baseball field.

What is the volume of a rectangular solid that measures 9 yard by 7 yard by 11 yard?

9 yards * 7 yards * 11 yards = 63 square yards * 11 yards = 693 cubic yards, which is about 530 cubic meters.

Is a meter about the same measurement as a yard yes or no?

yes, but a meter is still a little bigger, to be precise 1 yard is .914364 of a meter.

How do you measure a yard of fabric?

First of all, a piece of fabric has 4 sides: 2 raw edges & 2 selvage edges. The selvage edges are the edges of the width of the fabric when the fabric was created. The raw edges are the edges that are cut. A length of fabric that is 1 yard is measured from raw edge to raw edge. So, for example, if your fabric is 45" wide and you need 1 yard, your fabric would measure 45" wide (selvage edge to selvage edge) by 36" long (raw edge to raw edge) when laid out flat.

How many Yards does a Football field measure?

In English football pitches are not all the same size. They have to measure between 90m and 120m long and between 45m and 90m wide. If you mean US football I don't know.

A classroom is measured in feet or yards?

how big is your classroom? usually it is measured in yards most room area is actually measured in square feet in the US (which I presume is where your from as you are using yards as a measurement.) in metric regions it is measured in square meters. for reference, do a search on house floor plans.

Change the measurement 40.5 inches to yards?

There are 3 feet in one yard. Therefore, 40.5 inches is equal to 40.5 / 3 = 13.5 yards.

A yard in the shape of a square measures 19ft on each side a triangular area with a height of 6ft and abase of 6ft is dug up for a flower bed how much yard area is left over?

Total area 19 2 ie 361 sqft. Area of triangle 18 sqft so remainder is 343 sqft.

Measuring square feet into yards of concrete?

1 cubic yard of concrete fills 27 / depth in feet square feet. The number of cubic yards you need is (length of the pad in feet) x (width of the pad in feet) x (depth of the pad in inches) / 324

How can you sign up to be on yard crashers?

you just go on diy network and then you type in yard crashers and then they tell you to email them and you email them and also they ask you questions and make sure you live in the east because that's the only way you can get them to do your back yard sometimes

What are some things measured in yards?

Land is measured in yards, swimming pools are measured in yards. football fields are measured in yards.

Why do you measure some things in yards and not others?

a yard is 3 feet so instead of using a foot stick you would use a yard because it is easier

How long is a yard in our measuring system?

I don't know what measuring system you use, but I do know that: 1yard = 3 ft = 36in = 91.44cm = 0.9144m

What metric measurement is similar to a yard?

A metre is similar to a yard. The meter is about (a tad over) 1 yard 3 inches.

How do you measure square yards in a 15x20 room?

I assume that the 15x20 is already in yards. That says that the room is a square that is 15 yards on one set of parallel sides and 20 yards on the other set of parallel sides. To find the square yards of the room, you simply multiply 15 yards and 20 yards. 15 yards x 20 yards = 300 square yards.

What is a yard stick and what does it measures?

a yard stick is a stick the length of a yard and it measures yards

How you measure one mile by meter or yard?

I would use a metre since most mathematicians and scientists inmost countries use metres. But a mile and a yard are both Imperialmeasures so, if you insist on measuring distances in miles, it doesmake some sense to measure it in yards.

What is measured in inches feet and yards?

By unit of length and distance andconversion ,we can say that 1 feet=12 inches 1 yard =36 inches

The area of a yard which measure 4 meters?

A yard measuring 4 metres could be a square yard or a circular yard. Without more information, the question cannot be answered.

What measure is equivalent to 2 yards in inches?

By unit of length and distance andconversion ,we can say that 1 yard =36 inches 2 yard = 72 inches

How many inches in a measured foot and a measured yard?

By unit of length and mass andconversion ,we can say that 1 yard=36 inches 1 foot =12 inches

Are yards and meters in the same unit of measuring?

The English system is measured in units of yards. Meter unit length in the metric system.

Can yards measure a building?

You could use yards to measure a building, but it is more common to do it in feet or in metres.

Do you measure a lake in feet or yards?

Yards. Lakes are pretty big, and yards is a larger measurement than feet so yards would be an easier measurement.

What are the measurements on an average yard sign?

The measurements of a smaller size yard sign is eighteen inches by twelve inches. An average larger size yard sign is twenty-seven inches by eighteen inches.

How do you measure square yards of sand?

Square yards would be a surface area measurement (3ft x 3ft), to measure surface area of a flat surface measure the length and width (in yards) then simply the two together . for example 5yards x 2 yards = 10 square yards=10 yards 2 To measure the surface area of a nonuniform surface you would need very specific tools and programs, that are not easily available. Measuring the square yards of sand is very unusual and what you may mean is "how do I measure cubic yards of sand?"

Why would a backyard be measured in yards?

That's because a few countries are taking quite a while to adapt to international units. The correct unit for the length or width of a backyard would be the meter. The correct unit for its area would be the square meter.

Is a soccer field measured by feet or yards?

Traditionlly, soccer fields are measured in yards. Since most ofthe world now uses the metric system, the official rules nowmeasure in meters. For example, the required distance for opponentsto stand is now 9.15 meters, instead of the traditional 10 yards.Measurements in feet are still traditionally used for the height ofa goal structure's crossbar, but this too is officially measured inthe metric system.

How can you measure a cat in inches feet or yards?

Inches would be used to measure a cat. If you want to measure it infeet or yards you would convert the inches into feet or yards, butleaving the measurement in inches is more appropriate.

Why is measurement called yard?

A fundamental unit of length in both the US Customary System andthe British Imperial System, equal to 3 feet, or 36 inches (0.9144meter).

Is there a measureing wheel that measures yards?

Most in the U.S. measure in feet. Once you know how many feet, justdivide by 3 to get yards.

34 feet what is this measurement in yards and feet?

There are 3 feet to a yard, so divide 34 by 3. That will be 11 yards, and 1 foot left over