What capital is Botswana Gaborone or Harare?

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The capital of Botswana is Gaborone, not Harare. Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe. Oh I know. Botswana has 1,560,000 population, and Zimbabwe has 12,671,000. Here are the languages in Botswana: English and Setswana. and Zimbabwe: English (official), Shona, Ndebele, and other languages. and the currency for Botswana is pula. and Zimbabwe, Zimbabwean Dollar. Botswana is between Namibia, Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is south in South Africa.
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What is the capital of Botswana?

Gaborone is the capital and largest city of Botswana. Founded in1964, the city is located on the Notwane River in southeasternBotswana and has a population of 231,626 based on

How do you get from the Gaborone Sun to the Tlotlo Conference center in Gaborone Botswana?

It is with great pleasure to answer this question.From Gaborone sun,head North until you reach the four way robots at BBs mall.At the robots turn to the left until you reach t

How long is the flight from Johannesburg south Africa to Gaborone Botswana?

The time required for flight between the above places is 1 hrs. Average speed of 500 miles/hour is used to calculate the time. This time is inclusive of the landing and take o