What caste is rai in bihar?

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mostly bhumihar brahmin use Rai title in bihar they are in genral catogary and belongs to upper caste. Rai people are landlords and big zamindars in bihar
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Where is bihar?

Bihar is a state in India. It lies in the eastern region and is the12th largest state by area and 3rd largest by population. itscapital is Patna, which is also the biggest cit

Can you have an X-ray with a plaster cast on?

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Chaudhary belongs to which caste in bihar?

chaudhary belongs to haryanwi rajput....which are brough bu sikhs 10 th guru gobind singh....but in 1952 they are announced as sc by indian government.....however they are ind
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Is rai a scheduled caste?

Rai SIkh are considered to be a scheduled caste under India'scurrent system. Their communities are generally found in India'sstates of Haryana and Punjab. As a scheduled caste