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What causes pain on the left side of back above waist?

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hip problems maybe or lower back problems go to ur local doctor and ask him or her
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What is pain above waist on right side of back?

Pain above the waist on the right side of the back is most probably a kidney stone, although that is not the only possibility. A test of your urine, to check for elevated leve

What causes left side sharp lower back pain?

  If the pain is stabbing and intense, and radiates, it's consistent with nerve compression pain caused by either a bulging disk or a disk that's fully herniated. If the p

What causes left side neck pain above collar bone?

One thing that can cause left side of neck pain above a collar bone  could be a stiff neck. If the pain does not go away, one should see  a doctor.

What causes pain in left side chest arm back leg?

The pain that you are experiencing is a common sign of coronary  heart disease. Coronary heart disease is now being diagnosed with  much more frequency and with that frequen

Pain on left side above hip?

Pain on the left side of the hip could be due to a variety of  health ailments. It could be due to menstrual cramps, a hip  fracture, abdomen pain, and even joint alignment

What causes left sided pain and constipation?

There are several things that may cause left sided pain and  constipation. Some of the common causes include gynecological  issues, gastrointestinal causes and much more.

What caused pain in lower region of the waist especially the left side?

  Unless you have any other symptoms: gas. It could also be an ectopic pregnancy (it cannot be ruled out through physical findings); if you are in your first trimester esp

What causes pain on right side of back near waist but no pain when peeing?

It may be your ovaries, or it could be that you are simply not driking enough water, try drinking water and cranberry juice to flush out your kidneys. It can also be a pulled

What causes left side pain and lower back pain?

Anything going on in the left side, is always a good reason for concern that where your heart is. If its sharp pain, located front & center in your chest, or takes your breath

What causes pain in the left side of your back?

You get back pain caused by stress. if you are going through tough times in your family , at work or school ,etc..... It is likely being centered there and is putting stress i

Whot can cause pain in back on left side in bronchitis?

Either muscle pull due to coughing from bronchitis or irritation of outer layer of lung (pleura) due to infection/bronchitis. Take Motrin and see if it improves. If not - and