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As the heart pumps, blood is forced through the arteries (blood vessels leading away from the heart.) the walls of the arteries stretch to accommodate all the blood. When an artery runs just over a bone and is very close to the skin, we can feel the artery expanding every time the heart beats. This as called a pulse and the best places to feel it are the neck and wrist but you can sometime feel it in your foot if your blood vessels stick out a bit.
The beating of your heart.
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What are the causes of a low pulse rate?

  Hypothyroidism, heart blockage, electrolyte imbalance in your body because your sodium and potassium are crashing, extreme malnutrition, and hypothermia.

What causes brakes to pulse when stopping?

  There are a few different things that can cause your brake (I assume pedal) to pulse or "bounce" when you are slowing from speed. The most common is that you have a brak

What causes the pulse rate?

  Your pulse is the number of times your heart beats in a minute. As you start moving quicker, or exercising, or get excited, the heart beats quicker to send more blood to

What causes your pulse?

  The heart beating ie. pushing blood around the body. Each pulse is a heart beat, which causes more pressure as it puts pressure behind the blood to move it.

What causes your pulse rate to rise?

Your pulse rate could become higher due to taking excercise, becoming excited or scared. If it is persistant however, it could be a symptom of heart disease, thyroid malfuncti

What causes the pulse you feel in your wrist?

At the wrist, there's a fairly large blood vessel that runs close  to the skin, which makes it easy to feel. Most other places the big  vessels run deeper in your body. 

What causes your pulse rate to change?

Rest, sleep, exercise and excitement. In terms of the physiological change, the pulse rate is dependant on the heart rate. This is self-perpetuating (it stays at the same rat

What can causes an Irregular pulse rate?

  causes of irregular pulse :     Regularly irregular pulse :   1 sinus bradycardia   2 sinus tachycardia   3 paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia  
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Causes of low pulse rate?

if your relaxed or asleep you can have a low pulse rate or even in a deep sleep you can have a slow steady pulse rate so its ok
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What are electromagnetic pulse effects caused by?

The term electromagnetic pulse (sometimes abbreviated EMP) has the following meanings:A burst of electromagnetic radiation that results from an explosion (especially a nuclear