What celebraties are from Idaho?

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Adam West who played the original Batman is in Idaho.
Ronnee Blakley, the country singer is from Idaho as well.
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Which celebraties are gay?

Google gay celebrities and there are many, many sites that will tell you a variety of celebrities that are gay - there are too many to mention.

What celebraties have a Bebo?

No eastenders cast have bebo or any other social networking site without using a secret identity. http://www.bbc.co.uk/eastenders/faq/ . Q: Can I chat to cast members online?

Are celebraties important?

No. Because some are celebreties without deserving it. While some provide us with quality entertainement, this is something that doesn't take necessarily a celebrity to make.

How do you get a celebratie to notice you?

K so I've always wanted to be an actor. And I want to get some attention without getting an agent. So I want to know how to get a celebratie to notice who I am or that I would

What celebraty is gay?

well there are plenty of loser celebritys but the main one is probaly Wayne Rooney as he is a ugly who likes men and sucks all day and eats his spunk on his cornflakes before
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What celebraties have arachnophobia?

The celebrities with arachnophobia are Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga.
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Why are celebraties important?

With out celebrities than there would be no entertainment. All you could do is play outside, and everybody is too lazy to do that all day every day