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people in Spain like male or female wear ............. a type of clothing called 'The Warmongers Of Madrid'. It is a blue silk with shapla flowers decorated all over it.
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Why people wear clothes?

Practically, clothing is used to keep us warm in cold or chilly weather. However, it has been used for different purposes throughout the generations. It was and is still used to identify people with specific jobs such as nurses in their scrubs or policemen in their uniform. It is used to make a statement as seen in fashion, express your individualality, and to leave an impression on those who judge by your appearance. Most importantly, it really all comes down to practicality, social do's and don'ts, and comfort. We were all raised to understand that walking around the streets naked is "Inappropriate and disturbing." given the option, i would definetely do it if i were not to be judged and arrested. :p

What clothing do Chinese people wear?

Chinese people dress very conservatively. The type of clothing theywear includes jeans or pants and a t-shirt. Custom clothingincludes the Pien-fu, the Ch'ang-p'ao and the Shen-i.

What do people wear in Spain?

People in Spain wear clothing, including shirts, pants, suits, ties, jeans, dresses, coats, shoes, socks, boots, belts, etc. Clothes Clothes

What clothes did they wear in Spain?

one should wear not fancy but casual fancy clothing in Spain. one must never wear shorts in public. i i said casual fancy not formal fancy. JANE BROWN

What type of clothes do people in Spain wear?

Well Spanish people are like everyone in the world, they are no different what so ever and in fact in Madrid they are ahead in fashion then most of the rest of the U.S. So what you would wear they'll wear too.

What clothing do the people of the Bahamas wear.?

Kiki says : As a Bahamian my self, us females usually wear pencil leg (straight leg) jeans colored shirt, matching close in shoes or heels to match and some cheap jewelery (rarely u would see someone walking around wid real diamond or gold) Us Bahamians love to be in style and we hav to be. If u walk around on a carnival nite or at a public event in Nassau, u would be amazed at how many females would have on pencil leg or short jeans. But tha bottum line iz We bahamains gat our own style n we luv ta b In style

What clothing do people in Afghanistan wear?

Actually, the words "Perahan Tunban" are usually said and spelled, "Peron and Tumban." Afghan clothes are looser than Pakistani clothing, especially for the women. While the Taliban did demand all women wear the burkha, the wearing of the burkha is entirely dependent upon what the woman's husband or father desire her to wear. Many women are still required to wear the burkha, and are not permitted to mix with the men from families not within her extended relations. Afghan women will vary their clothing from just wearing the Perahan Tunban, which really is a long tunic over long pants. They also may wear a long skirt over pants, with a shorter blouse. Any blouse or tunic they wear must be long sleeve. Their ankles may not show. They often do wear high heels with their painted toes showing. They are very feminine. Men wear long pants and typically a long shirt. They vary between an Afghan Perahan Tunban and Western suits and ties. Also, jeans and a long shirt are worn by younger men and boys in the city. Men usually wear a waistcoat over the perahan, which gives it a little more shape. Otherwise, it is like wearing pajamas.

What clothes did Neolithic people wear?

The neolithic people wore tanned hides and large pins with animal skins to make clothing they also made string from leaves which they used for numerous reasons

What clothing did colonial people wear?

Women wore dresses, the poofier your dress the wealthier you were. Wealthy people wore colored lace, and buttons while the men wore boots and wigs, and hats. The taller the hat the wealthier you were.

What clothes do Egyptian people wear?

Peasant women would wear a gallebaya outdoors but in the city gallibaya tended to be worn only indoors. For public wear a woman would wear a wide woman's dress called a tob sebleh. Wide trousers were worn as underclothing (tshalvar or shintijan) gathered below knee and falling to ankles. The woman's kaftan was called a yelek. This was lined, with the neck open to breast and buttoned or laced along side seams for shaping. It had high side slit over trousers. Girded with shawl. Women would wear a shirt under the yelek, and a djubbeh or binnish over it. In Alexandria and Cairo, women would also wear the melaya luf - a large rectangular wrap worn for modesty, warmth, and used to carry things. City women often worn a bur`a - a long rectangular face veil either of white cotton or open weave - and a headscarf (sometimes over a skullcap - taqiyah). Another headcovering was the mandil (headscarf) sometimes decorated with pom poms. Among the fellahin a bag like hattah was sometimes worn. The basic traditional Egyptian garment for men is a long shirt (gallibaya). Tilke also distinguishes one with a looser fit under the arms (eri) and very wide version of the gallibaya called a kamis which was worn by fellahin. While working fellahin would hitch up the skirt of the gallebaya and wrap it around their thighs. Trousers (sserual) were sometimes worn under the gallebaya. Over the gallebaya a kaftan (often striped) was worn. A kaftan is a full length garment like a coat with long wide sleeves open in front and often bound by a fabric belt (hizan). Over the kaftan was a binish - a cloth overcoat with wide sleeves - often slit below usually dark grey and unlined. Alternatively, a djubbeh which had was more complex cut than the binish could be worn especially by Turks during the Ottoman occupation. The `ulama also wore a jubbah over stripped kaftan. The jubbah was a long, wide sleeved gown which reached to feet and was buttoned half way down. However, from the 1800s European dress replaced traditional dress among the Ottoman court and this was taken up by members of the elite. Therefore, senior civil servants and members of the ruling intelligentsia could be seen in Egypt in European style clothing. However European headwear was not adopted. Instead Sultan Mahmud Khan II decreed that checheya heargear would be worn. In Egypt this was called "tarboosh". Later Mohammed Ali was to incorporate the tarboosh as part of the military uniform. This was abolished as headwear after the 1952 revolution. For further information on the layers worn see Male Headewear What was not worn by Egyptians was the Arab kufeya and `igal - except possibly among some Bedouin. Nubia straddles the south of Egypt and the North of the Sudan. After the building of the Aswan dam many Nubians were relocated in Aswan. Nubians belong to five main tribes - two of which (Kanuz and Fadija) are in Egypt. The Kanuz people are the northernmost. The Kanuz women wear dresses formed by horizontal lengths of fabric each of which is longer than the one above giving a dress with almost a flounce at the bottom. For special occasions - such as weddings a semi-transparent layer is added over the dress. Fadija women wear a wrapped garment a little like a sari. Men wear trousers, shirts, vests and turbans. References: Anawalt, Britannica, Dr Mo Geddawi, Aida Nour, Parker, Raafat, Tilke Egypt had a range of traditional costumes. The farmers (fellahin) basically wear gallibayas. In the cities the upper classes adopted the clothes of their conquerors - Ottoman Turks from 1500s, and later European from 1798. To the south the Nubians have their own distinctive costume and across the desert the Bedouin also have a separate style of clothing.

What clothes do people wear in CANADA?

A resident of Canada, so I might be good on this topic; Normal cloths. In the winter we wear sweaters, long sleeves, jeans, track pants, boots. Summer; shorts, skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, halters, strapless Fall/Spring; Light jackets, pants....

What clothing did people wear in the 1400s?

girls wore dresses. some poor people wore raggedy clothing. :x that they did, but for a more detailed explanation copy and paste the link below into your search bar(: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1400%E2%80%931500_in_fashion

What clothes did the kaurna people wear?

Kaurna people wore haulahop skirts that had nice polka dots on them that were fashioned in the 60's to 70's and they also wear big glasses

Do people wear clothes?

A quick look around should show you that most people wear clothesmost of the time.

Clothes bolivian people wear?

they wear springy clothes but not to much. they live near the Andes mountains so they have to be warm .

What clothes do people wear in Spain?

girls would were stylish dresses women would were stylish saries boys would were a shulwar and hat men would were a shulwar and a humungous hat

What do people in Indonesia wear for clothes?

People in modern city, for example Jakarta and Surabaya, wear usual clothes, the same like us (people from outside Indonesia). However, in some places in Indonesia, the local people use their traditional clothes, like kebaya and batik.

What clothing do people wear on Kwanzaa?

There is really little tradition for Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa was started in the United States in 1966 and has not had time to develop lengthy traditions.

What clothes do anorexic people wear?

Anorexics don't always dress in a way diffrent from the average person on the streets. You can never pass judgment about weather or not a person in anorexic or not based on the clothes he/she wears. However, after watching my sister slip into anorexia i have found a few things to be common: many girls with eating disorders dress very nicely for they are obsessive about being perfect in every aspect of their life. Or, I have also seen that some wear particularly baggy clothing because it is a way of hiding the parts of their body that they dislike.

What clothes did people wear in 1564?

This is most easily explained with pictures, either the ones at the attached link or those from a book of costume in the sixteenth century.

What clothing do people in Kenya wear?

Most people in Kenya wear dresses that are made of worn. Muslim people wear Arabic type of clothing. Kenyan clothing are bright and colourful. see related link..

What clothes do Christian people wear?

Christians don't have like a uniform to wear. That's a major misconception about Christians. We all can still have fun. Just because you become a Christian doesn't mean you have to be a boring stick in the mud. It means that you do things in the way that would please God. Like being nice to someone that no one else is not nice to. What Christians wear is whatever you want as long as it's "pure and not to lure" that is what I read in a Christian Book. Before you go somewhere every morning look in the mirror and ask two things "Would God approve of this outfit, and am I dressing to be pure?" Being a Christian my not make you very popular with other non christians, but it will make you very popular with God.

Why don't people wear clothes?

If you'd look around a little, you'll realize that most people dowear clothes most of the time.

What clothing do people wear in Kazakhstan?

The wear the same clothes you and I wear. If you are referring to the Traditional Kazak Ceremonial/Dance Costumes that's a different question.

What cloths do France people wear?

put it this way, there are at least 3 people in France wearing exactly the same clothes as you at any given second.

What clothes do people wear on holiday in Spain?

Not alot, . through in some tanks tops,. skirts, dresses, shorts and. you will be ready you don't. wanna be waring to much in. a hot place like spain!

What did the Jewish people have to wear on there clothing?

Most common was a yellow star of David on the chest and back, there were variations in time and location, sometimes it was an armband and sometimes the armband was a blue star of David on a white background.

What did the Jewish people have to wear on their clothing?

I believe that you are referring to World War II and the wearing of the "Star of David".

What sort of clothes do they wear in Spain?

The Spanish wear the same kind of clothes we do. The more mature people tend to dress a little more formally than Americans, and as a result the seem more presentable.

What type of clothing do people in Spain wear?

Type your answer here... T hey wear different types of clothing, but none of them are traditional.

What clothes did people wear in 1990?

A lot of poodle perms lol. And also MC Hammer pants aha. Alsotriangle cut tank tops. Maxi skirts. Big earring hoops.

What clothing do people in azerbaijan wear?

? Didn't get the question. You are curious about national costume or regular clothing? People wear whatever they like... some prefer to follow fashion trends... some don't pay too much attention to it. All the same.

What did tlingit people wear for clothing?

The tlingit wore ceremonial dresses , carved masks , " chilikat " robes , and hats made out of roots. They also wore ear and nose rings (peircings). They wore disks through tere lower lip.

What clothing do people from Mississippi wear?

I don't know how people from other states wear everyday, but in thesummer time, most girls were short shorts and t-shirts ortank-tops. Guys where knee high shorts and t-shirts. It gets hotand humid here in the summer (both of which depends on what theyare doing that day or their modesty). In the winter, that dependson how cold it is. We have thick and light coats. Most guys andgirls wear jeans but there are some who wear khakis and slacks(depending on occupation). To top it all off, we all wear shoes,despite the steortype.

Why do British people wear the clothes they wear?

From the lighter side: It's because they are fickle! But seriously, folks: Sometimes, practicality is over-ridden by flair, whimsy, or political statement. As many people "Dress for success" , there is no standard answer to this question.

Why do some people not wear clothes?

For a variety of reasons: Some people are nudists or had nudists as parents therefore growing up in a nudist environment, so they don't feel comfortable wearing clothes. Clothes can contain residues from detergents and chemicals, which some people are allergic to. Clothes can make you sweat, adding to the discomfort factor Clothes can be costly, so the less time a person spends with clothes on, the less clothes they have to buy Some people do not find clothes comfortable, even if they didn't grow up being nudists or in a nudist environment.

What clothing do people wear in Siberia?

They put underpants, light pants and only then just trousers or jeans! They put a jacket of fur-coat on a sweater thre's a shirt or t-shirt under the sweater. They have to wear warm hats. of course they use scarfs and mittens, wool socks and warm shoes or boots. Frost causes a lot of problems, obviously/ E.g. They need to warm the car for a pretty long time. If you have some more questions about Siberian winters - just ask!

What clothes do people wear in cuba?

The Cubans wear Latin American style clothes. The Cuban women and girls dress is sexy, femine and colorful, Cuban women wear short skirts or tight jeans and a blouse or a Cuban T-shirt named a "pull-over" in Cuban Slang. Cuban men wear jeans or cotton pants and a T-shirt or a Guayabera, sometimes also written Guayavera, this is a loose men's shirt a popular Latin clothing in the Caribbean. The original Guayabera is also known as the " Mexican Wedding Shirt".

When people die do they wear clothes?

Unless they died in the bathtub Answer: People die when they die - dressed or undressed. People who are viewed at a funeral home usually are dressed in their typical (if not somewhat upgraded) clothing. Nudists may not follow this rule. In the afterlife of many faiths the dead are issued with special clothing - white robes for Christians and very nice clothing and jewelry for Muslims In the case of "Classic" ghosts who are an afterlife subset - the dead seem to wear whatever they died in or in "fitting" cloths to demonstrate their position in life (armour for knights etc.)

What are the clothes that people in Romania wear?

The clothes of the Romanian people are not different from the clothes of other European countries.

Why people thought of wearing clothes?

Depends on where they lived. Some places, people wanted clothes mainly to protect them from the environment and the weather. Other places, clothes were used to signal status and wealth, even if they weren't actually needed. Or clothes can be used to signal which tribe/family/clan whatever you belong to. And in some places, clothes were used for all of the above, at the same time.

What do people in Spain wear and what kind of clothes?

They wear normal clothes like everyone else, there's lots of fashion designers in Spain too.

What clothes did people wear in prairies?

Men wore breech clothes with legging while women wore long dresses with removable sleeves. Both men and woman wore moccasins for shoes.

When did people start to wear clothes?

From the beginning pretty much but for the cave man it was not for modesty but warmth & protection.

What clothing people wear in Mumbai?

Typically, the women wear sarees and the men are usually seen with dress slacks and shirts.

Why do people wear quicksilver clothes?

Quicksilver is a brand designed for extreme sports wearers such as snowboarders, surfers, and skateboarders. If people wear it most likely means they participate in these but this may not always be the case.

What clothes do people wear on mountins?

Warm clothes, as mountain air is cold. You also need protection form the sun (as the thin air does not filter out UV as well) and good boots.

What clothes do people wear in Colorado?

Whatever they feel like wearing or whatever their line of work requires them to wear. More the same as anywhere else.

Why people wear clothes for protection?

T he most obvious answer that springs to mind is probably protection. Indeed, clothing does provide protection for the human body, from warming us in the winter to protecting our skin from burning in the summer. Shoes protect our feet from stones, leggings deflect briars, and scarves can help us breathe in a sandstorm. It is not surprising, then, to find that the environment in which we live makes a difference as to the kinds of clothes we wear. People in cold climates, like Eskimos, may wear clothes made of heavy and very warm fur. In wet climates, clothing may be made with water-repellant materials. In hot and humid climates, light-weight and breathable fabrics may be used-or people may wear almost no clothing at all. Protection for our bodies also explains much about special-purpose clothing, such as work gloves, face masks, and steel-toed boots. Protection :)

What clothes do people wear in Illinois?

People in Illinois wear all kinds of clothes - like what the peoplein Wisconsin and in Kentucky wear. The state is long, reaching fromWisconsin down to Kentucky, so depending where you are in Illinois,you can have northern or southern weather. In cold winter weather,they wear heavy parkas and snow boots. In summer weather, they willwear shorts and sandals. During a cold winter in Chicago, a day of45 degrees F brings out those shorts pretty fast - when southernerswould be bundled up. Work clothes vary. Illinoisans wear business clothes to the officeand jeans if they work on a farm, in agriculture, or in workplacesthat allow jeans. Some Illinoisans spend a lot of money on theirwardrobe. Others prefer Walmart.