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What clothes do Spain people wear?

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people in Spain like male or female wear ............. a type of clothing called 'The Warmongers Of Madrid'. It is a blue silk with shapla flowers decorated all over it.
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What do people wear in Spain?

People in Spain wear clothing, including shirts, pants, suits, ties, jeans, dresses, coats, shoes, socks, boots, belts, etc. Clothes Clothes

What clothes did they wear in Spain?

one should wear not fancy but casual fancy clothing in Spain. one must never wear shorts in public. i i said casual fancy not formal fancy. JANE BROWN

What type of clothes do people in Spain wear?

Well Spanish people are like everyone in the world, they are no different what so ever and in fact in Madrid they are ahead in fashion then most of the rest of the U.S. So wha

What sort of clothes do they wear in Spain?

The Spanish wear the same kind of clothes we do. The more mature people tend to dress a little more formally than Americans, and as a result the seem more presentable.