What college is allyson shapiro zarin attending?

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Sarah Lawrence
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Why attend college?

1. To avoid working at Burger King when you're 50. 2. To use your talents better to benefit society. 3. To make more money. 4. To meet chicks (guys) who will eventually

Why did you attend college?

I haven't attended college yet, but I Most Certainly am because it will benefit me in the future, also it will help me find a good job that makes enough money to provide for a

Where does Ally Zarin attend school?

provide the details regarding either the school for Ally Zarin or for any of the children associated with any Real Housewives reality television show. provide personal cont

Who can attend college?

Anyone can attend college as long as they have a high school diploma or a GED. That is the only requirement to attend college. Some colleges have entrance exams and some do no