What color are flamingos upon birth?

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they are white upon birth.
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What color are flamingos at birth?

flamingos are white at birth but when they eat red shrimps or fish then they turn pink + = if you want more research and information go look up some more if you do not believe

How big are flamingos at birth?

Flamingos at birth look exactly like baby ducks. They are small and grey. For more info i suggest you go to national geographic .com or look up a picture on Google ANS2: Fla

What color is a flamingo?

the colour of a flamingo depends upon the diet it is taking for example a pink flamingo gets its colour from pink shrimps and a grey flamingo gets its colour from utiliz

What color are flamingos?

the color of flamingos is purple and giant red poka dots. some are also brown with small pink poka spots.

How tall are flamingos at birth?

There are 6 species of flamingo and depending on the kind of flamingo and the size of the flamingo the size of their offspring varies. Also Flamingo's are almost like people a

How do flamingos get their color?

"Young flamingos hatch with grey plumage, but adults range from light pink to bright red due to aqueous bacteria and beta carotene obtained from their food supply. A well-fed,

How do flamingos make birth?

The male flamingo (a bird) has sex with the female, she lays an egg, and a short time later, the baby flamingo hatches from the egg.