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What color does Justin Bieber hate?

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He doesn't like yellow.
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What shoes does Justin Bieber hate?

i know him trust me good friends he hates uggs this is how i know jb took me to the mall in Omaha of coures he was gonna buy me some shoes i wanted some shoes that kindda look

What animal does Justin Bieber hate?

He hates the dog Chiwawas.He says the dogs act to royal and need to "Dog Up" and be tougher.He hates that people baby them and treat them like they are royal and not like regu

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Do girls hate Justin Bieber?

Not all girls hate Justin Bieber just as not all girls like him.

What Justin bieber hates in a girl?

He dislikes girls that are superficial, mean, bossy, rude and a girl that he cant have a decent conversation with. What he does like in a girl is some one who is funny, confid

What does Justin Bieber hate seeing?

fans not having a fun time or buying his albums, no I'm just kidding for the second idea :) Justin hates when he see's people wearing Uggs. if you are wearing uggs he won't ev