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What colors make brown?

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Mix equal proportions of red and green to make brown.
If you want it more of a reddish hue such as "burnt sienna", then add more of the red.
If you want it more of a darker brown hue, add more of the green.

Here's a tip : use the darkest red (like alizarin crimson) and the darkest green (like Sap Green).

The related link on understanding mixing colors will give you an overview of mixing starting with the primary colors. It has visual demonstrations for you to see along with written explanations.

Another mixing solution

You must mix varying proportions of all three primary colors, red, blue and yellow, to get brown. Depending on the ratio of the three colors, you can vary the brown from a reddish brown to an orange brown, blueish and purplish brown. When adding white to the brown you have made, you will get the corresponding light brown or tan.

Another Mixing Suggestion

Instead of red and blue, you can just mix equal portions of purple and yellow to get brown.

Another Mixing Suggestion

  1. Mix yellow (primary) and blue (primary) to get green (secondary).
  2. Mix green (secondary) and red (primary) to get brown (tertiary).

Another way to make brown is to mix orange or red paint with a small amount of black paint.

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What colors make the color brown?

just mix any colors together and you will get brown. for example if you mix red purple and green together you'll get brown

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I believe Orange and Green make brown, I tried yesterday and it made the perfect palm tree brown. (2nd person) We believe it to be agreeable.

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Brown is the result of mixing all three of the primary colours (red, blue & yellow). It can also be achieved by mixing any of the secondary colours and their opposite colour

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