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What compound becomes less soluble in water as the temperature of the solution is increased?

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This compound is the cerium sulfate.
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Why do solids becomes more soluble in water as the temperature increases?

Temperature is a measurement of the average kinetic energy on the atomic or molecular level; hotter substances have faster moving particles. Faster moving particles have more

When we increase temperature solubility increases?

Yes, it is true for most of the cases. But when heat is evolved after dissolution of a solute (Exothermic process) or solute is a gas then in such cases solubility decreases

Are all solutes more soluble in water at higher temperature?

The solubility of solutes is dependent on temperature. When a solid dissolves in a liquid, a change in the physical state of the solid analogous to melting takes place. Heat i

How does the solubility of oxygen change with increasing water temperature?

Although the solubility of most substances increases with temperature (eg you can dissolve more sugar in water when it is hot than you can in the same amount of water when it

Why does solubility increase when temperature increases in a solution?

Because when a substance gets hot the molecules spread apart allowing more room for other substances to be mixed in to the solution. for example if you mix water (H20) with ta

Why does the solubility of gases in water decrease as temperature of water increases?

As the temperature of the water increases, its vapour pressure increases, meaning there is more water molecules leaving the surface than before. Gases have weak intermolecul