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What condition was Tut's body in when it was found?

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Tutankhamuns Corpse was found to be stuck in his coffin as the ancient egyptians poured oil and resin into his sarcophagus at the time of his burial.For Saturday Academy at Ormiston Boligbroke Academy.
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What was found in King Tut's tomb?

Gold Mask, a golden throne, couches, royal robes, a golden shrine, perfume vases, necklaces, golden pendant, caskets, a chest, stools, chairs, weapons, chariots, statues, sand

Where was king tut's tomb found?

Tutankhamun's tomb (No. KV62) was discovered in the East Valley of the Kings on Saturday 4 th November 1922 by Howard Carter, underneath the remains of workmen's huts built d

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Who found King Tut's tomb?

A British Archaeologist named Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922.

What was the condition of John Kennedy Jrs body when it was found?

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What jewelry was found on King Tut's mummy?

From the http://wiki.answers.com/ehistory.htm#Middle%20Kingdom until the latter half of the http://wiki.answers.com/hdyn18a.htm finger rings consisted generally of a l

What organ was left in King Tut's body?

The Afterlife . The heart of a deseased was always left in the body. This was because the Ancient Egyptians that there was an afterlife. It was thought that the heart of a

Why were so many pieces of jewelry found on King Tut's body?

Because when the people buried his body they that that all his riches would go to the other side with him Also, because the grave robbers never found his tomb. Most mummies