What currency do they have in Croatia?

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Well My parents are from Croatia and I speak Croatian too and go their every summer. They use Kuna(s). If you are going there for summer vacation and live in America, on you're way back to America make sure to change your Kuna(s) into dollars in Croatia and not in America because you cant. 6 kunas is one dollar. (a little more) And lipa(s) are like cents in America. I hope I helped.
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Where is Croatia?

Croatia is a country in the South-East of Europe. It is parallel to Italy and it is surrounded by the following countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia

What is the national currency of Croatia?

The National Currency in Croatia are Kunas 1 HRK (Croatian kuna) 1 AUD = 4,546775 HRK 1 USD = 4,896738 HRK 1 EUR = 7,284388 HRK In Croatia they use kuna , which is 100 lipa

Why is Croatia called Croatia?

Croats called themselves Hrvati and Croatia is Hrvatska in Croatian. But long before 7th century (it's estimated that's the time when Croats immigrated to today's Croatia)

Does Croatia use the USD as currency?

No , it uses the Croatian Kuna ( HRK ). Very few countries in the world use somebody else's currency. The countries which use the USD are: United States, Bonaire,