What dangers do people that go to Antarctica face?

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Well they'll face the freezing cold temperatures.....which is at -25 degree {c} throughout the year....!
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How do people in Antarctica go to the toilet?

Human waste is either flushed into the Southern Ocean from researchstations on the coasts, stored -- frozen -- in waste pits in moreinland stations, or collected in bags, frozen and then returned tothe country that supports the research station and its field camps.

Why do people go to Antarctica?

Many people visit Antarctica as passengers on adventure cruises forthe opportunity to learn something firsthand about an unusual partof their world. Scientists go to Antarctica to perform research onthe climate, wildlife, and other features of Antarctica. They alsostudy global warming there.

Why did people go to Antarctica?

The people first went to Antarctica was to explore. Then afterwards they went for some scientific reasons. One of the other one is for Whaling.

Dangers in Antarctica?

The greatest danger to all animals there, including humans, is death by freezing. Frostbite is also a danger, but one can recover from frostbite. Because it is an extreme geography, much like wilderness anywhere, becoming lost and disoriented is possible. Once separated from any survival resources, (MORE)

What are the dangers in Antarctica?

The extreme cold is certainly an issue, and according to the Vostok website, the low CO2 levels there cause problems also! Antarctica is the highest, driest, darkest, windiest, coldest and iciest continent on earth. Its extreme cold can be deadly.

Where do most people go when visiting Antarctica?

Antarctica is not a tourist destination in the traditional sense.It has no tourist facilities, hotels or airports. A few airlinesfly over Antarctica to show you the sights, then fly back to wherethey came from without landing. At least one company runs mountainclimbing expeditions, but they make it (MORE)

What are some difficulties people will face living and working in antarctica?

v Antarctica is the coldest, driest, and windiest place on Earth. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -89.6 degrees Celsius. Wind speeds during gales can reach 320km per hour. The average wind speed is over 70km per hour. These conditions can be a difficulty because of the cold, windy weather.. (MORE)

Is Antarctica dangerous?

For humans, this is the most extreme location on earth making the number one danger survival on the driest, coldest, darkest, windiest and highest continent.

Do people go to Antarctica?

Yes. Tours to Antarctica originate in Chile, Argentina, New Zealandand Australia. As well, people work for their governments on a temporary basisthere, studying the health of planet earth. These people arescientists and workers in support of science. They occupy researchstations that are found mostl (MORE)

Where would people go in Antarctica?

Commercial boat tours generally visit the Antarctic Peninsula, thewarmest part of the continent. Other boat tours go to other coastalareas. Private expeditions go to wherever the person paying for theexpedition wants to go.

What dangers do people face in Alaska?

there are so much dangers in Alaska depending were you are. Alaska is the 8th most dangerous state. natural dangers consist of daily earthquakes, forest fires, volcano eruptions, tsunamis (Alaska had the highest tsunami at 1720ft or 1760ft) or if in major urban area like anchorage theres gangs, drun (MORE)

How dangerous is Antarctica?

Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth. If you are not prepared for this extreme cold weather, you can freeze to death.

What are the dangers to Antarctica?

There are massive cracks in the ice which has split and could go down several metres. If it was dark and you couldn't see where you were going then you would fall down and not be able to get out.

What is the main reason people go to antarctica?

The 'main' reason people go to Antarctica is to live and work theretemporarily in pursuit of science that studies the health of planetearth. As well, thousands of tourists visit the continent annually,for the sake of travel and tourism.

How are people chosen to go to Antarctica?

Different governments publish different standards for qualification. Generally, however, if a scientist, a position of scientific acclaim in possession of a scientific question that is unanswered having to do with the health of planet earth. For every scientist, about seven temporary workers are r (MORE)

Which people go to Antarctica and how many?

Answer 1: Not many people go to Antarctica. Mostly only scientists go to Antarctica - and for only one reason - to study. Answer 2: Tourism to Antarctica is a surprisingly lucrative industry. There are many people who pay to fly over or cruise to Antarctica. There is no accommodation for them (MORE)

Should people go to antarctica?

Some people like scientist should be allowed on Antarctica's unique ice sheets, as they need to study and do scientifical research. Whereas, tourists go for the peace and quiet and astonishing natural beauty. Many tourists are older, since touring in Antarctica is expensive, and older people have m (MORE)

Do the people in Antarctica go fishing?

Fishing is not a commercial or a recreational sport in Antarctica. Any fish taken from the Southern Ocean -- which surrounds the Antarctic continent -- are taken by scientists, transferred to large, sea-water tubs and studied. When possible, these animals are then released back into the ocean.

What dangers are there to people in Antarctica?

Antarctica is an extreme, cold weather, polar environment. Dangersinclude exposure to these extreme conditions. In the case of anyaccident, there are no medical facilities or rescue facilities thatare easily available. An unprepared person could die from hypothermia, falling into acrevasse, or thirs (MORE)

Do people go on holiday to Antarctica?

Yes (probably) Another Answer Yes, you can take a cruise to Antarctica from either Terra del Fuego, Argentina, or points in Australia or New Zealand.

What dangers are there in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the highest, driest, windiest, darkest, coldest andiciest continent on earth. It is an extreme polar environment wheresurvival of animals -- including humans -- is not easy. Principally, freezing to death is the greatest danger. However,having an accident with no access to rescue and h (MORE)

Where do people in Antarctica go to the toilet?

Human waste from scientific research stations is usually frozen into the ice in a human waste dump, unless the station is on the water, in which case it is often pumped into the ocean. From American field camps, however, human waste is collected in bags -- it freezes quite quickly -- and the bag (MORE)

Is going to Antarctica is an easy or a dangerous thing?

Antarctica is the highest, driest, darkest, windiest, coldest continent on earth. For humans and all other animals, it is a totally dangerous place. In this case, dangerous in the sense that there is no vegetation, no food chain, and there is constant wind and extreme cold. Animals that are equip (MORE)

Why do people pay to go to Antarctica?

People pay to go to Antarctica, because the continent is surroundedby an ocean full of icebergs and going there without a hullre-enforced ship can be lethal.

What do people go to see in Antarctica?

Wildlife such as penguins polar bears seals etc. Also people may want to see ice burgs. Antarctica has many ice caves that are beautiful. They host an around the world trip and Antarctica is one of the places the people must survive. Hope it helped :)

Why wouldn't people go to Antarctica?

It is extremely too cold for most people to survive in Antarctica, however, it is not impossible. It is the only continent not owned by any specific government, and anyone can go there. However, most people do not because it is below freezing all of the time. Very few vegetation and animal life grow (MORE)

What would people going to Antarctica eat?

Tour operators supply all food and hospitality services to peoplewho pay for tours of Antarctica. Depending on the origin of thetour -- Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina or wherever -- thediet may vary according to what is available when the tour departs.

What problems can people cause by going to Antarctica?

They could kill animals there for food, shelter and warmth, resulting in extinction of animals. The ice could melt faster due to increase in surrounding temperature, leading to rising sea levels that can submerge low lying countries.

What season can people not go to antarctica?

Since the sea ice that covers the Southern Ocean freezes in winter and connects to the ice sheet that covers the Antarctic continent, travel to and from Antarctica by ship is not possible. Private air transport is not possible between about February and August-October, since the extreme cold freeze (MORE)

What challenges to people face visiting Antarctica?

Extreme cold - and a feature-less landscape. The cold means any visitor must be suitably protected against the low temperatures, and the lack of landmarks makes it very easy to get lost unless you have suitable navigation equipment.

How people go to antarctica a year?

People who live in Antarctica for one year are generally workers paid by their governments to support the work of scientists involved with the study of the health of planet earth.

What natural disasters do people in Antarctica face?

Antarctica presents its natural environment constantly -- no disaster required -- because it is the highest, coldest, darkest, windiest and driest continent on earth. It is the most extreme cold weather on the planet.

Where would people go if they visit antarctica?

Visitors to Antarctica -- generally tourists -- arrive in boats and visit beaches. The most accessible are the beaches in the Antarctic Peninsula, but there are tours to other sea-side destinations.

Where can people go in antarctica?

With proper "permiso's" and the right equipment,(including ahealthy financial situation, anywhere! I "hitchiked" there, twice,and spent a total of about eight months "on the ice" as the"locals" refer to it , and another couple of months on King GeorgeIsland, working for a logistic support entity. Gr (MORE)