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What did Adolf Hitler use to kill Jews?

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He used, gas chambers, crematories, firing squads, lethal injections, forced labor, starvation, exposure, brutality, disease, and execution.
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How did Adolf Hitler kill the Jews?

Many died in in gas chambers Millions of Jews were killed in many various ways, such as: . Stavation - In the ghettos. . Gas Vans - Used at Chelmno and elsewhere. . Mach

Why did adolf hitler try to kill all the jews?

basically because he could not do anything else with them. He had created a situation where he had concentrated millions of Jews into a corner of Poland and there was not enou

When did Adolf Hitler kill jew?

Hitler's plan for the Final solution for the Jewish people began in  1942. He began having SS officers shooting, gassing and starving  Jews in death camps.

Why did Adolf Hitler want to kill all the Jews in the Holocaust?

there was little value in only killing some.Hitler killed the Jewsfor more than one reason. The political reason given was that theJews were aligned with the Bolshevik revolut

Did Adolf Hitler kill jews?

YES! it is what we hated about him. He killed six million Jews. Healso killed many gypsies, gays, people with disabilities, andpossibly other races. BASICALLY anyone he hated

Why did adolf Hitler kill Jews and other people?

because they where different and because his what Germany for German people and no one else. if you have other information people use WikiAnswers research button which is eas

Why did Adolf Hitler want to kill the Jews when he was a Jew?

The question assumes that Hitler was "Jewish" or at least of  Jewish origin, but there is absolutely no evidence for this.    Answer 1   I would rather post this e

Why did Adolf Hitler kill millions of Jews?

His rationales for killing them as a multitude are no different asa group than as individuals. Those rationales are set out in theRelated Questions below.

Why did Adolf Hitler kill the Jews when he was one?

Answer   There is no evidence that Hitler was in any sense Jewish. The only  basis for this legend is a highly suspect supposition about  Hitler's father, which even if

Why did Adolf Hitler kill all of the Jews?

Answer 1   There are three problems with that question:    He did not kill all of the Jews because he did not try to kill all  of the Jews. The only Jews that were

What did the Jews do to Adolf Hitler to make him hate them and kill them?

Answer 1 Nothing. The ethnic resentment of many Germans toward the Jewsenabled Hitler to make them a "straw man" enemy that he coulddenounce. His vision of an Aryan master ra