What did Captain Jack Sparrow mean by 'savvy'?

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"Savvy" By the word savvy, he means "Do you understand?"
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Who is Captain Jack Sparrow?

A fictional character in the oh so popular, Pirates of theCaribbean franchise. He is played by Johnny Depp. There are threeof these movies. Produced by Jerry Bruchheimer, and

What happened to Captain Jack Sparrow?

The final film isn't out yet so no one knows. You have to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 6. They've planned a 5 and 6 but there still may be more.

Who is Captain Jack Sparrow based on?

Johnny Depp based Captain Jack Sparrow on two people/characters. His main source was Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. His second source was Pepe le Pew, the amorous skunk

What is captain jack sparrow like?

Well, Tia Dalma says he is "Witty" that is probably the best word for him. He is not only witty, but smart. He can captain a bout and talk his way out of any thing. He is also

What did Captain Jack Sparrow mean whenever he said 'leverage'?

In negotiation, leverage is a measure of which side, at any given moment, has a greater ability to influence the other side. So basically when Jack has thought he had Davy Jon

Where did Captain Jack Sparrow get his education?

There is no answer to the because Jack Sparrow is a imaginary character. But on th emovies he didn't get educated he learn himself thanks to his father steps to being a pirate

Who killed Captain Jack Sparrow?

At the end of the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest , Elizabeth Swan kills Jack Sparrow by chaining him to the Black Pearl whe