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In Russia
For doing business in Russia, you must register a legal entity (that is, the company) or register as an individual entrepreneur (a natural person). Then people need to collect and submit the necessary documents to the registration authority. The deadline for registration is 5-7 working days.
Prior to filing the documents to the registration authority you need to select the tax regime.
You can register a company in Russia without leaving your country. But in order to do , it is necessary to appoint a Director of your future company, the data of whom is specified in the application for registration . You may witness your signature on application at the nearest Russian Consulate.
Read more about business in Russia:http://www.iconsu.com/en/doing-business-in-russia.html
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Did the people of Russia like Lenin?

The vast majority of Russia's population neither liked or disliked Lenin, Marksism or communism. They wanted freedom from the Tsarist regime.

How many people are in russia?

According to Statistics Committee the population of the Russian Federation on January 1, 2013,is 143 347 059 of permanent residents. Population density - 8.38 per km2 (2013). Urban population - 74.03 [2]% (2013).

What is Russia?

The Russian Federation is the largest of the 21 republics that make up the Commonwealth of Independent States. It occupies most of eastern Europe and north Asia, stretching from the Baltic Sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east, and from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the Black Sea and t (MORE)

What food do people eat in russia?

Traditional Russian foods may include pirozhki, borsch, slivki andikra. Russians will eat other foods such as potatoes, fish, meatand bread.

Who are some famous people in Russia?

Pyotr Tchaikovsky (1840 - 1893)-Composer Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881)-Novelist Vladimir Lenin-Russian Revolutionary & Head of Communist Party Josef Stalin- Head of the Communist party and the state in 1922right after the death of Lenin Nikolaus II (Romanov)-the last Emperor of Russia Danila Koz (MORE)

Where do most people live in Russia and why?

In an urban area The people in Russia normally live near: Coasts: great for making money, people do lots of trading. Alongside Rivers and near lakes (Fresh water): this is for a good water source. Temperate climates: Has to do with economy, they can grow crops Flat terrain: Easy to travel a (MORE)

Where is Russia?

Russia is the northernmost country of Eurasia (Asia and easternEurope). Russia is in two continents and is the largest singlecountry in the world. The Ural Mountains are the border between Asia and Europe. Russia(formerly the USSR) is on the continent of Asia/Europe in theNorthern hemisphere and co (MORE)

Where about is Russia?

It's below the North Pole. It is in Asia, and many countries including China surrounds it.

What do people visit Russia for?

To see the Kremlin, ortodox churches and red army monuments, and the streets of Moscow, each wide enough for an airplane to use as an emergency runway. The countryside is also beautiful, but oftenly too cold for tourists.

About Russias people?

I can only describe them. Well, most Russian people have blonde hair and green eyes mostly very pretty! Their names are very long and they are pretty...! I hope I didn't repeat that!

Why do people go to Russia?

Russia is a huge country. Many people travel to Russia toexperience something new, to see the beautiful landmarks of thecountry, to see family or to learn about the culture

Does Russia have a single race of people?

No - just like every other large and globally active country, there are many (MANY) different races living in Russia. Even when it was the Soviet Union, it encompassed several different regions, which encouraged the people within that region to trade, talk and marry.

What do they call people In Russia?

Well, be more specific, and if my response doesn't answer your question, put a message on my message board. The word people in Russian (Russian Word on Left, Roman Letters on Right) народ-Narad нация-Natsiya население-Nasyeleniye Р(MORE)

Famous people from Russia?

the most famous singer is Alla Pugacheva... at least she had the most success for over 30 years. more stars: maxim galkin, Philip kerkorov, leontiv, verka serduchka, the group "lube" larisa dolina. does tchaikovsky, shastokovich, count?Politicians: vladimir putin, lenin, Stalin, peter the great, Iva (MORE)

What are people like in Russia?

This is hard to answer. Each person varies, most people are kind and polite, but not all people are. There are good and bad apples in the bunch.

How can you get to Russia?

by plane - if you live in America anywhere that is not in Europe. If you live in Europe (Includes; UK, Singapore.) You can catch the Trans-Siberian rail, it takes you to Moscow, St Petersburg and Vladivostok. Travels from- Singapore to UK. Includes Russia, Germany, France country in between.

Is the president of Russia elected by the people of Russia?

Though the fairness of recent elections has been questioned by observers, the president of Russia is elected by his people in a direct popular election. It should be noted though, that while the president is the head of state, the prime minister, who is selected by the president and approved by the (MORE)

How have people changed Russia?

With farms they irrigated much of it, and with cities they populated and built up much, and some parts they left untouched.

Are there black people in Russia?

No, not a significant number. The major racial groups in Russia are Slavs, Scandinavians, Turkic and a large variety of Asiatic peoples.

Why did Lenin's appeal to the people of Russia?

Lenin famously said "Peace, Land, And Bread" because it was the main thing the people wanted. He appealed to the majority of people because he sided with the poor and middle classes which most Russians were at the time, so his idea to help their living standards were very popular.

What can you do in Russia?

Interesting places to see for a tourist: - The Kremlin - Saint Basil's Cathedral (At the Red Square) - Spasskaya Tower (At the Red Square) . - The Moskva river - The Ostankino Tower - Tretyakov Galery - Pushkin Museum of fine art - Cathedral of Christ The Savior - The GUM (A big (MORE)

How many Muslim people are in Russia?

According to the 2007 Ruski Religare poll about 6% of the Russian population considers themselves to be Muslim. The Russian population is sitting around 141.9 million as of 2010. Since 2007 this number may have either grown or shrank but the approximate estimate for Muslims in Russia is 6.5 million (MORE)

How did Stalin treat people Russia?

Generally Stalin treated his citizens like less than people, or rather more as a means of production. He implemented his 5 year plans (1928-33, 1933-37, 1938-41 with the last being cut short due to the invasion of Germany). When Russia was in World War II, his people were often used as a meat shield (MORE)

Why were people of Russia Afraid of Stalin?

Stalin had many prison camps in the Soviet Union and had spys everywhere. If someone spoke out against the government, it would be looked at as opposition towards Stalin's government and would most likely be killed or put in one of these camps

What famous people where born in Russia?

Many famous people were born in Russia. These include: . Pyotr A Romanov - Wellknown Tsar of the Russian Empire. . Dmitry Medvedev - Current President of the Russian Federation. . Vladimir Lenin - founder of communism. . Pyotr Tchaikovsky - one of many famous Russian classical music and theatre (MORE)

How do people in russia adapt to their environment?

They used the tools they brought from were they came and started tobuild houses to live and everyone was better off there. In cold winters the pond becomes frozen so you could skate on it. Not a lot of the ground is used for farming only 1 through10. Russia has air pollution, coal fired electric pla (MORE)

How does the people in Russia do business?

For doing business in Russia, you must register a legal entity(that is, the company) or register as an individual entrepreneur (anatural person). Then people need to collect and submit thenecessary documents to the registration authority. The deadline forregistration is 5-7 working days. Prior to fi (MORE)

What are the origins of russia people?

There wasactually was no such thing as Russia until the 18th century. Untilthen, there was only Muscovy. Some of the more enterprising andpugnacious Tsars of Muscovy would bellicosely proclaim themselvesto be "Ruler of Moscow, Novhorod, Suzdal, and all of Rus", butthat's about as far as they went. T (MORE)

How do people in Russia use the land?

People in Russia use the land for various destinations. Someone uses the land for agriculture, or under construction. Many foreign companies are building their own factories and industrial enterprises.

Were do people live in Russia?

People live all throughout Russia. However, the majority of Russians live in Western Russia or all along the southern border of Russia.

How do you get to Russia?

There are many ways to get to Russia. Could you clarify your question. It can be by invitation, on a visa, etc.

Why do people in russia have cameras in there cars?

It's reported that in Russia and some other countries, crooksfrequently try to cause an accident deliberately so they cancollect money from the other driver or insurance company. Motorists try to protect themselves by using dash-mounted cameras,which record video while the vehicle is running, to sh (MORE)

Why do people want to leave Russia?

I visited Russia in 08 and the people of Russia are still not living in a democracy. Communist symbols are still on buildings, the Internet is monitored, and police are stationed everywhere. I know as an American I was followed. Many factories are also in ruins and the people are not doing very well (MORE)