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What disease does a pandan leaves cure?

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Pandan leaves and roots are found to have medicinal benefits. It helps in relieving headaches and pain caused by arthritis and even hangover. It also treats leprosy, smallpox, wounds, reduce fever, solves most skin problem, cures ear pains, and eases chest pains. It also reduces stomach spasms and strengthens the gum.
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What is the scientific name of pandan leaves?

The scientific name for Pandan is pandanus amaryllifolius. However, there are many kinds of pandan leaves. I know one type of pandan leaf that is added to rice to make it smel

What do pandan leaves cure?

Pandan leaves and there roots have medicinal benefits and are said  to aide in curing many diseases. They help relieve headaches,  arthritis pain, and even a hangover.

How do you make insecticide out of pandan leaves and chili?

Pandan leaves are very toxic to most insects. The leaves need to be  ground up. The chili to use is actually cayenne pepper. Cinnamon  can also be used. The Pandan leaves an

What chemicals found in pandan leaves?

It`s the volatile oil of Pandanus amaryllifolius, which repels cockroaches and other vermin too. The active principles are mainly terpenes and sesquiterpene hydrocarbons (6-4

How do pandan leaves deter ants?

Many people use Pandan leaves to get rid of both cockroaches and  ants. Pandan leaves have been tested and reportedly contain  essential oils and chemicals that insects do n