What do different Christians believe about Easter?

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Christians like celebrating Easter because that is when the Jesus defeated death and raised himself from the dead. Then somehow someone changed the holiday to a bunny day.
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What are the Christians believe that there are key differences between humans and animals?

Humans have what you say a special bond between God, whereas animals don't. Jesus is our "connector".When God made Adam, the first man on earth, and he was totally perfect. Go

Why is Easter Christian?

Easter (spelled with a capital "E") is Christian because it is celebrating the day Jesus rose from the dead.

Different Christian views on believing in God?

Most Christians believe in a Trinity, where God is three beings in one: 1) the Father 1) the Son and 3) the Holy Spirit. These three can be seen as different forms of one God

What christians believed happened at Easter?

Easter commemorates the day that Jesus rose from the dead; three days after he was executed by crucifiction. In his death and resurection Jesus defeated and broke the power of

What are the 3 different natures that christians believe God is?

God is not three different natures but a triune God of three "persons" in one being. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Here is a quote from Jesus, the Son: (John 14:26)
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What are the different views on the importance of the Easter story as a Christian belief?

Actually there is only one view you can take to Easter and christian belief. The actual original celebration of Easter was a pagan festivial to the goddess Eostre. Eostre o
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How did Christianity different from the Romans believed?

The basic difference between Christianity and the Roman beliefs was one of "isms". Monotheism and pantheism Christians believed in one God covering every aspect of life while
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Why do Christians believe in Easter?

christians believe easter true faith that christ rise from death after his was kill and burial and rose on third day, hebrew 11.1
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What do Christians believe about the soul and how is that different from the spirit in man?

That depends upon the 'branch' of Christianity answering. For themost part, mainstream teachings are that the soul is immortal andis judged immediately upon death, reaping the