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Hippopotamuses are herbivores. They prefer soft grasses and shrubs growing close to the ground, such as ferns. They also eat some aquatic plants, reeds, leaves and fallen nuts or fruits. In one night, a hippo may consume in excess of 45.5kg (100 lbs) of grass. They come out of the water at night to grass and return to the water by day. Their feces provide an important source of food for fish that share the water with them.

Hippopotamuses have been known to eat cultivated crops such as sugar cane and corn.

Despite some reports of hippos eating meat and even carrion, the stomach of a hippopotamus is not suited to feeding on meat. Carnivorous habits are not the norm, but rather, the exception.
Hippos predominantly stay in the Water most of the time. They leave water around dusk and travel inland to forage. They go up to 5 miles from the river to feed. Their main diet is grass. They spend around four to five hours in a day grazing and can eat up to 68 kilograms of grass each night. That works out to nearly 150 pounds of grass every night. They also consume aquatic plants in small amounts.
They are herbivores
they eat vegetation
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Where do hippos eat?

Since Hippo's are herbivores, they eat mostly water plants and grass. Hippo's do most of their eating at night. They use their wide mouths to graze on grass, and will travel a

What eats a hippo?

Hippopotamus is the largest land animal after elephant andrhinoceros. It is a herbivorous and mainly feeds on grass, althoughit also eats plants if give. However the natural d

How do hippos eat?

The hippo is one of the largest animals on earth. They haverelatively small teeth, but yet the survive. They eat plantsthrough chewing finely and swallowing something whole.

What will eat a hippo?

A large pack of lions or a group of large crocodiles would kill and eat a very injured or a young hippo.

How hippo eat?

They eat just like other herbivores. They leave the water and walk in search of grass. They consume around 150 pounds of fresh grass every day and day and take 40 pounds of me

What eats hippos?

Crocodiles do: But only on one condition, the hippo is dead. A live hippo will make short work of a crocodile, despite being vegetarian, nothing gets close to hippo either on

What do hippos eat and drink?

Hippos drink water from the rivers where they live. Hippos are almost completely herbivorous, and eat grasses, as well as fallen fruit and a small amount of aquatic plants. Th
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What do birds eat on hippos?

Ticks or small water insects that are commonly found on their thick hides.
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What do hippos eat or kill?

Hippos are herbivores, and they eat grass. However, they are still powerful and aggressive. They kill more humans than any other mammal in Africa, and they sometimes even kill