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The national median wage for a medical assistant is approximately $28,650 annually.

Answered by: Marla Ross

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2009 wage data.

Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010-2011

Industry-Employment-Hourly average wage-Annual average wage
Offices of Physicians-307,690-$14.33-$29,810
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals-60,910-$14.82-$30,830
Offices of Other Health Practitioners-53,850-$12.74-$26,490
Outpatient Care Centers-24,330-$14.34-$29,830
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools-5,560-$14.83-$30,850

According to the Occupational Outlook handbook, this field is expected to grow by 11% through the year 2018. Medical office assistants make between $28,000-$35,000
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How much does a medical assistant make?

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What is the salary for a medical office assistant?

BLS Figures    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2010 median pay  for medical office assistants averages for $28,860 annually. As far  as hourly rat

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Can a medical assistant become a office managers?

Yes, absolutely! Some of our practice's best managers started as medical assistants, including some who are now executives. Continuing your education is key. You should learn