What do spiders do to help us?

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They clean up many of the pests that lurk around the garden. Unfortunately they also pick up some of the goodies. That's nature.
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How are spiders helpful?

They make silk which is provided for fishing nets and clothes . Scientists are looking for cures with spider venom . They can kill and eat mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can give pe

Are spiders helpful?

yes they eat many bugs and creahers like remember that snake a spider ate it :) -kim

What are spiders useful for?

Spiders are useful for the following and more: -bandages-decreasing insect population -surgical stitching

How do spiders help?

they eat unwanted insects. without them, the earth would be a swarm of insects if we did not have spiders we would breath them in becouse the earth would be covered

How do spiders help us?

They eat bugs that get caught in their web. If we didn't have spiders, our world would be over run by bugs. Instad of breathing air, we would be breathing bugs!!!
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Explain how spiders can use vibrations to help them capture their prey?

Prey caught in the spiders web struggles. This causes vibrations inthe web strands. The spider sits at the center of the web strandsand using its legs, detects which strands a