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Spiders eat insects(flies, ants...) and other spiders.
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What do spiders eat when they are hungry?

Depending on the size of the arachnid, small spiders usually eat winged insects that happen to fly into their webs. Larger tropical spiders can eat mice and - in the case of t

What do spiders eat and how do they catch there prey?

Spiders eat other insects. Most spiders build webs that have sticky strands to trap small insects who get tangled up when they fly into it. When the spider feels something str

What do Orb weavers eat What do spiders eat?

orb weavers eat any kind of flying insect that gets caught in their web. if you are caring for one i would say just don't put something in there that's too huge. spiders in

Do spiders eat other spiders?

Yes, spiders do eat other spiders.but the other spider that eats the other is female that's pregnant eats the male when 3,000 babies are born (7 "bags" worth of baby spiders)s

What do spiders eat and how?

Spiders normally eat insects but many spiders will eat other  types of spiders,Birds,and may even eat mice.....Spiders use there  venom to break the food into little peases

What do spiders eat on a saguaro cactus?

Spiders eat insects    

What do spiders eat in the wild?

They eat pretty much any smaller insect in the wild. Things like grasshoppers, flys, and maybe ants. It also depends on the size of the spider.
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What spiders eat other spiders?

Any spiders. Think of it like this what could you eat without being killed and life-sized lving thing (like elephants) killing you. Insects lives by eating other insects and a