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Grey squirrels' nests - also known as dreys - are made mainly of dry leaves and twigs in the forks of trees, and are usually about the size of a football. They are built fairly high in a tree and lined with dry grass, shredded bark, moss and feathers. Sometimes the gray squirrel may make its nest in a hollow trunk, inhabit a permanent tree den, or take over a rook's nest, constructing a roof for it.

Red squirrels' nests are also built of twigs and leaves/grass. They are slightly smaller than the nests of the gray squirrel. A squirrel may build several dreys and move from one to the other, mainly, it is believed, to prevent fleas and lice infestation.

See the Related Link below for photos of the red and grey squirrels' nests.
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What does a squirrels nest look like?

Like a ball made of twigs, high up in the branches of a tree, and lined with mosses and fur. It is called a drey.  like a birds nest?

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What is a squirrel nest look like?

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  They are related in the fact that they are all squirrels. It is pretty much impossible to identify an animals cousins or relatives without blood tests and such, because

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