What do they have in Iceland?

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In Iceland
everything you would have in most countries, cars, tv, music awards, schools.it has cool springs and summers, and cold winters. it has some of the best quality of life in the world, with a 99,9% literacy rate. its a bit of a windy country. it has lots of geothermal activites. volcanoes are of quite minimal concern, but hot springs and geysers dot the country.
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Why is iceland called iceland?

Iceland is the land of ice thats'why we called it Iceland. A fewmonths back, I had visited this place with my hubby and we enjoyeda lot with the help of discover.is.

How do you say 'Iceland' in Iceland?

Ísland ------------------------- This is the correct spelling for the way the Icelanders say Iceland.....but is pronounced Is-land (as in 2 separate English words is and land ) not island like we would pronounce the word if written this way.

When was Iceland discovered?

Officially, Iceland was discovered by the Vikings in c. 860-874 AD. But it is likely that Irish monks had been coming to the island for some time to seek isolation..

Is Iceland rich?

Iceland has one of the highest standards of living in the world, and ranks second place on the Human Development Index (HDI). Iceland has an extremely advanced economy that relies on a heavy banking sector, export of the nation's extensive natural resources, energy independence. (Iceland primarily r (MORE)

Are Vikings from Iceland?

Not exactly. Vikings originated in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The Norwegian Vikings discovered Iceland about a thousand years ago and settled it, and their descendents live there today.

How cold does it get in Iceland?

The average annual temperature in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, is 5°C (41°F). The lowest temperature ever recorded is -38°C (-36.4°F) in 1918.

Size of Iceland?

The physical size of Iceland is similar to the size of the state of Kentucky. The population is somewhere around 300,000 (2/3 of which live in Reykjavik).

Is Iceland landlocked?

Of course not! It"s an Island, in fact on their stamps it is spelled Island! an Island is a body of land surrounded by water on four (or more) sides, as opposed to a peninsula which is surrounded by water on three- as is Bayonne, N.J.

What lanforms are on Iceland?

There are lots of volcanic landforms, as Iceland was created by volcanoes. Lots of igneous rocks, geothermal pools, volcanoes, as well as glaciers.

Where is Iceland in the country?

Iceland is located north of the Atlantic ocean and east ofGreenland. Their government is republic. It is the size ofKentucky. One of the most volcanic regions in the world. More than13% is covered by snow and glaciers. Their climate is mild.

Which continent is Iceland on?

Iceland is actually located in the North Atlantic Ocean and so not on a continent. However, it is considered part of the continent Europe.

What religions do they have iceland?

In Iceland the predominant organized religions are of the Christian denomination. Most other world religions are represented along with Nordic paganism. The following table shows number of registered members: . Ásatrú (pagan). 2173. 0,68%. Baha'i. 402. 0,12%. Buddhist. 1072. 0, (MORE)

Why was iceland called iceland?

Flóki Vilgerðarson was the third settler of Iceland. Before it had been called Snowland and Gardar's islet. Flóki settled on the south coast of the island's tail, which is known for it's vibrant geology and is covered in fjords (inlets from the sea with steep sides and water flowing in). (MORE)

What not to do in Iceland?

I have mentioned some of the things which you can't do in Iceland.Just check these out: 1. Don't Take Pictures of Everything 2. Don't Leave a Tip 3. Don't Talk About Politics 4. Don't Complain About the Local Food 5. Don't Be Loud and Obnoxious 6. Don't Enter a Sauna or Pool Without Showering First (MORE)

Where is Iceland?

It is a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has awonderful topography, perhaps unequaled by any other country. Lastyear I had visited this country with the help of discover.is.

Why is iceland called iceland if its green?

When vikings discovered the lands known as Iceland and Greenland today, they wanted the land for themselves. Other peoples heard about their discovery and wanted the land, too. The vikings decided to trick people by naming the cold land "Greenland" and the green land "Iceland" so people wouldn't wan (MORE)

Does Iceland have glaciers?

Yes. Iceland has many glaciers. Glaciers cover 11% of the island which is about 11000 km2. The largest glacier, Vatnajökull is about 8100 km2 and is the largest glacier in Europe.

When and who discovered Iceland?

(Years 874-930)According to Landnámabók, Iceland was discovered by Naddoddr, one of the first settlers on the Faroe Islands, who was sailing from Norway to the Faroe Islands, but got lost and drifted to the east coast of Iceland. Naddoddr named the country Snæland (Snowland). Swedish sailor (MORE)

Are there elephants in Iceland?

Yes it's a rare breed called an icelopholus major and resembles it's African counterparts but for a few minor differences like the pink spots running down it's hind legs and a unusual attraction in the animal kingdom where they are physically attracted to the same sex but only have sexual intercours (MORE)

What does icelandic mean?

Icelandic refers to a noun that relates to Iceland. (Iceland is a country btw) For example: An Icelandic person Icelandic food Icelandic scenery Hope this Helps :D Love, Lifeislikethat

When was Iceland inhabited?

According to Landnamabok, a medieval Icelandic manuscript, the settlement of Iceland began in 874 AD when the Norwegian chieftain Ingolfur Arnarson became the first permanent Norwegian settler on the island.

What is special about Iceland?

Iceland is famous for its naturalbeauties like Northern Lights, Geysir, Gullfoss waterfall (Goldenfalls), Faxi waterfall, Kerid, Thingvellir National Park and manymore. It is also a cold country. Before two months, I had gone toIceland with my friends. We travelled and stayed there 5 days. Onetravel (MORE)

Was Iceland in a war?

Iceland has never been in a war with another country besides in the Cod Wars (1958-1976) with the United Kingdom, however the Cod Wars weren't a direct conflict in any way. Long story short, Iceland wanted to have an area around itself that only it could fish in, Britain refused and Icelandic fisher (MORE)

What are Iceland clothers?

If you mean traditional Icelandic clothes, they are similar to other Scandinavian garments, (such as Norwegian) although I heard somewhere that some traditional Icelandic clothes are black. If you mean everyday wear, it's basically regular clothes.

What can you do at iceland?

Eat lamb dogs! Iceland's version of the "Hot Dog" -Yum! Iceland is an adventurer traveler's dream. I highly recommendhooking up with a local tour guide company in Reykjavík -Iceland'sCapitol City. Recommended by Iceland's Board of Tourism isIcelandic Travel Market. Tour operators in Iceland hav (MORE)

The volcano in Iceland?

The Guðnasteinn Volcano from underneath the Eyjafjallajökull glacier in Iceland. It has erupted twice in 2010, on the 20th March and on the 14th April. The Icelandic President has announced due to the recent eruptions, activity is likely to stir in the Neighbouring Volcano called Katla which w (MORE)

What shape is Iceland?

Many Icelandic people can see a sheep in Iceland. The Northwest part would then be the sheep's head, the Southwest part its legs and the east part would be the back.

What can you do in iceland?

Most things you can do elsewhere in the world, go to the cinema,the theatre, go skiing, skating, river rafting and more..

Why Iceland is called Iceland?

Flóki Vilgerðarson was the third settler of Iceland. Before it had been called Snowland and Gardar's islet. Flóki settled on the south coast of the island's tail, which is known for it's vibrant geology and is covered in fjords (inlets from the sea with steep sides and water flowing in). (MORE)

How did the Icelanders get to Iceland?

Thousands of years ago, Iceland may have connected to parts of the European mainland so northern Europeans simply migrated to Iceland. Another theory is that Viking explorers simply settled there after discovering it.

How Do You Say You In Icelandic?

Singular: Þú (pronounced "thuu", soft th sound as in think) Plural: Þið (pronounced "thith", first th is soft, second is hard as in the) You might also find þig, þér and þín in the singular (accusative, dative, genetive case) and ykkur and ykkar in the plural (accusat (MORE)

What is the definition of Iceland?

Ice-land [ ahys -l uh nd] -noun . 1.. a large island in the N Atlantic between Greenland and Scandinavia. 39,698 sq. mi. (102,820 sq. km).. 2.. a republic including this island and several smaller islands: formerly Danish; independent since 1944. 272,550. Capital: Reykjavik..

Which is the alphabet of icelandic?

We use Æ (AE) Þ (TH) Í (I) Ý (Y) Ó (O) Ö (OO) É (E) Á (AA) Ú (UU) and we also use this letter Ð/ð (Eseee?) Ð/ð however it can never be used in a beginning of a word, it's only used somewhere in the middle. We don't use W, Q, Z and C Allthough some people use (MORE)

Why are there geysers in Iceland?

There are geysers in Iceland because there is hot, molten rock,called magma, under the ground in many places in that country. Thisheats the geysers and hot springs and drives the island's manyvolcanoes.

Is Iceland in Ireland?

No. Iceland and Ireland are two separate and distinct islands in the North Atlantic ocean, roughly 700 miles apart.

Are there wolves in Iceland?

No wolves in Iceland, we only have foxes and minks. On rare occasions we get a polar bear that gets here by an iceberg but they're always spotted pretty quick.

What is the Icelandic religion?

There is actually not the (one) icelandic religion; however the majority of the icelanders (about 79%) are adherents of the evangelical-lutherian church.

What does Iceland sit on?

Iceland sits atop two plates, the Eurasian Plate and the North American Plate, also referred to as the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

What was Iceland before it was a Iceland?

If you mean the name then before it was named Iceland it was called Snæland (Snowland (some dude saw snow in the mountains and thought it was a good idea)) Iceland was only named Iceland because someone saw some ice floating in sea when they arrived. Iceland is not covered with snow and ice and t (MORE)

What are icelands landfroms?

I really dont know but there is a very big glaciers there are some volcanoes and water,and, plants.. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_Iceland's_landform#ixzz1v2WECl7Y

Why is Iceland splitting?

Iceland sits on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the boundary where the North American Plate and the Eurasian plate are pulling apart. Given the present geologic activity, it does not appear that Iceland is going to split. As the eastern and western portions of the island move apart, volcanoes will continu (MORE)