What do they have in country of Armenia?

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They are the unique nation state with language they say is Armenian. They are unitary with multiple unique state parties with visitor sites people seek to see.
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Is Armenia a poor country?

Answer 1 Yes it is a desperately poor country with an official per capita nominal of 2008 is officially Nominal Per Capita US Dollars: $3,400.560 Purchasing Power Parity Pe

Is Armenia a European country?

Armenia is in Europe. I agree with the person wrote above me. You see, Armenia WAS completely in Europe until the war of 1915 hit. Since the war was unexpected, Armenia lost

Is Armenia a spanish country?

armenia is a Indo-European country, definitly not spanish. it is the oldest country in the world and the first country to formally adopt christianity.....its very interesting

Is Armenia a communist country?

No it is not. However, prior to Armenian independence in 1991, itwas part of the Soviet Union, which was a communist country.
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How is Armenia unique from other countries?

First country to accept Christianity as their religion (301 AD.) . Noah's Ark landed on Mount Ararat (tukey now took those lands but it's historic Armenia) . Hundreds of his