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To change into something new; To change into something not needing anything extra.
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What does transform mean?

o change in form, appearance or structure, to change into another substance. In electricity it means to increase or decrease voltage, (by using a transformer)

What is mean by transformer?

A device used to transfer electric energy from one circuit to another, especiallay a pair of multiply wound, inductively coupled wire coils that effect such a transfer with a

What means Transformer step up?

To transmit a lot of electrical power, you either need a high voltage or a high current. But a higher current means your cables got hotter and you lose a lot of energy so is b

What means 5p20 of current transformer?

it means accuracy class of CT. 5 p means 5 % of composite error will happen till 20 times of current is applied . So CT will follow its rated characterstics upto 20 times curr
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What does transforming energy mean?

This may be oversimplistic, but I'll give it a shot. I think in many cases energy can be thought of as motion or potential motion (i.e. when you hold an apple in the air it ha
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What does transformations mean?

The form of a person or thing includes it's appearance, how it functions, what it is made from, whether it is a solid, liquid, or gas, anything about it that is perceived by a