What do you mean by term RABBIT in cricket?

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It means someone who can't even hold the bat properly so as to present any challenge to a bowler, e.g. Glen McGrath; a batsman who is out to the same bowler again and again: "Ponting is Harbhajan's bunny".
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What does the term ICC mean in cricket?

International Cricket Council The International Cricket Council is the international governing body of the sport of Cricket, responsible for most if not all professional and international matters in the sport. Inetrnational Cricket council.is the international governing body of cricket. It was (MORE)

What does cricket mean?

Cricket is a game played all over the world. it is played with a bat with a flat surface and a hard ball.

What does SR mean in cricket scores?

SR represents the batsman's Strike Rate. The Strike Rate is generally the speed that the batsman scores per ball faced. It is calculated as a percent per 100 balls.. Example: If a batsman scored 35 runs off 58 deliveries, his Strike Rate would be 60.3%. This would be calculated as shown: 35/58 = 0. (MORE)

Are rabbits mean?

Yes and no. If you treat them badly, if you have a female and she's in heat, or you don't play with them, Yes. But most of the time, rabbits are very friendly! Rabbits are normally very friendly, timid animals that wouldn't hurt a fly BUT they will defend their territory to the death. (Wild instinc (MORE)

Spiritual meaning of cricket?

Cricket is a sport, not a religious pastime, but it allows one to spend long amounts of time in the outdoors, giving the one the chance to reflect, meditate on creation and pray … especially when bowlers are bouncing balls at one, at speeds of up to 95 mph.

What does if mean when your female rabbit is mean?

when your female rabbit is mean it usually means that the rabbit is pregnant and is trying to protect her bunnies. they usually bite you or will not let you touch them by hiding in the back corner of the hutch.

What does the term 'the rabbit died' mean?

It means, after a pregnancy test, the women is found to be pregnant.. Around 1927 it was discovered that if you injected the urine of a pregnant woman into a rabbit, there would be corpora hemorrhagica in the ovaries of the rabbit. These bulging masses on the ovaries could not be seen with out kill (MORE)

What is meant by the term 'rabbiting'?

Cottontail and rabbit hunting is what rabbitingis. It may be considered a sport involving dogs and ferrets in someareas and pest control requiring traps and weapons in others.

What does rabbit mean?

A rabbit is a animal that is bigger than a bunny. Also,it is almost the same as a bunny. Bunny is a term coined to make the rabbit too cute to eat as food. It usually is used for a young rabbit or the Easter Bunny.

What do mean Wilow in Cricket?

Cricket bats are traditionally made from Willow. So if anyone is referring to Willow they will be referring to a bat. If a batsman is "swinging his willow around the pitch" he will be hitting the ball around.

What is mean by spectacles in cricket?

"SPECTACLES" means when a batsman gets out on 'duck' (i.e. gets out without scoring a single run in both innings of a Test match) he is said to have scored a PAIR or in other words that batsman is said to be wearing SPECTACLES (cos the 2 round lens resemble a pair of spectacles). When batsman is (MORE)

What is the meaning of the poem The Cricket Sang?

Well I'm not positive this is right, but here's what I think: When crickets sing, its at night. So, in this poem the Day becomes Night . Why I think that is because the workmen finished their jobs, and who wold work in the pitch dark in the night? I am really confused with the second stanzas, so le (MORE)

What does pp mean in cricket?

PP stands for PowerPlay - which gives a slight advantage to the batting team with the fielding side limited to Two players outside the inner circle.

What is the mean of a umpire in cricket?

The person who observe the whole match, and takes the decisions whether appealed for it or not and his decisions can not be changed though he is wrong or right

What does it mean when a cricket lands on you?

I had the same dream last night...wish I had the answer for you. If I find it I'll let you know and vice versa would be appreciated. My dreams have been very vivid lately, with specific items standing out. Not only did the cricket land on me, but when I woke instantly and still felt it on me until I (MORE)

What does a boundary mean in cricket?

The boundary is the rope or other marking that is the outline (and part of) the field of play. A boundary is a shot that scores by passing over the boundary rope/line/marking - this includes the ball only touching it - and scores either six (6) runs for clearing it on the full, or four (4) runs f (MORE)

What led to the term CRICKET?

cricket originated from fron England at the sheep raising of the south east where the green pasture made it easy to bowl

What does it mean when you find a cricket in your home?

If a cricket is in your house and is chirping constantly without pause, it is said that a pregnancy is soon to come. If a cricket is in the house and pauses in the chirping it is said that you will come into some money. If a cricket is in your home, it is bad luck to kill it. If a cricket comes into (MORE)

What does power play mean in cricket?

Powerplay is a rule in which the only 2 or 3 fielders can should be outside the 30 yard circle.....This is an advantage for the batsmen to score quick runs. There are 3 powerplays in one day cricket,the first one is commpulsory for the first ten overs, and the 2nd and the 3rd powerplays are 5 overs (MORE)

What does a TON in a cricket bat mean?

The "TON" stamp on the edge of a cricket bat is the branded logo of Sareen Sports (SS) also known as Sunridges. They brand the edges to ensure that when their bats are used by Professional Cricketers with other sponsors labels the origin of the bat remains. This is a very common practice in India wh (MORE)

What does Super 8 mean in Cricket?

In the international T20, the super 8's is the best 8 teams split into 2 groups where the top 2 teams from each group qualify for the semi finals which is a knockout

What do stump means in cricket?

Stump has three different meanings in cricket: 1) part of the wicket 2) a manner of dismissing a batsman 3) the end of the day's play (stumps)

How old is a 12yr rabbit in human terms?

A 12 year old bunny is VERY OLD in human years, approaching 100 yrs. Most rabbits only live to be 5 or 6. I had one that was 7 and I thought he was OLD, yours must be some sort of record.

What does sundries mean in cricket?

Sundries (also called extras) are runs scored in cricket that havenot come off the batsman's bat. Sundries are added to the teamsscore, but not the individual batsman. Examples of sundries are:Byes, leg byes, no balls, wides and penalty runs.

What does cricket WAG mean?

WAG is an acronym for "Wives and Girlfriends" originating from Soccer to describe celebrity WAGS of such players as David Beckham (Victoria) Wayne Rooney (Colleen) whose expensive tastes and shopping habits earned them the WAG title. In the 2006 World Cup the prescence of and the amount of attention (MORE)

What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'T20' in terms of cricket?

Twenty20 is a form of cricket, originally introduced in England for professional inter-country competition by the England Cricket Board (ECB), in 2003. A Twenty20 game involves two teams, each has a single innings, batting for a maximum of 20 overs. Twenty20 cricket is also known as T20 cricket.

What does cricket mean and from which language does it derive?

The word "cricket", as referring to the insect, derives from the Middle English word for insect, "criket" - which in turn derives from the French infinitive verb "criquer", meaning to creak. The word referring to the sport derives from the Middle English "criquet", meaning goalpost, perhaps deriv (MORE)

Is there a cricketing term called sweep?

Yes. A sweep (or 'sweep shot') is a stroke played by a batsmen where he drops on one knee and swings the bat in a horizontal position from his right to his left (for a right handed batter) in a sweeping motion. This stroke is most commonly played when facing slow or spin bowlers.

What is the term for when you get points taken away in cricket?

The currency at a game of cricket is not in points but in runs and wickets. However, in a league situation winning teams are given points and in certain formats of cricket teams have had to forfeit points (or half-points) due to taking too long to complete the game, for example.

What is mean by 'six' in Cricket?

When a batsman hits the ball with the bat, and the ball crosses the boundary line without touching the ground before, it is said to be 6. In this the concerned batsman is rewarded with 6 runs and so the team.

What is the meaning of a cricket widow?

A cricket widow is a woman who sees her husband so infrequently during cricket season (because he is always at a match) that she is effectively a widow (without a spouse).

What is the term for the murder of rabbits?

The killing of any animal -- including rabbits -- for food or food is called "slaughter." If the rabbit is killed because it's very sick or injured, and killing it puts it out of its misery, the term used is "euthanasia" (or, in slang, you "put the rabbit down" or "put the rabbit to sleep"). For any (MORE)

What does DOT ball mean in cricket?

It means no run was scored from a particular delivery. The term originates from cricket scoring notation, where instead of a number when runs are scored, a small dot would be written instead to indicate that delivery resulted in no run.