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What do you mean by the phrase have gone out of the window?

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gone out the window means its disappeared from your MIND
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How do you fix a window that has gone off track?

    Answer       Take your time and try to lift a side in order to put it back on track. No luck? Than you may need to use a flat screw driver and look u

What is the meaning of the phrase the people keep a comin but the train done gone from the song Mary had a baby?

Cheryl Kirk-Duggan, in MARY HAD A BABY (A Bible Study based on African American Spirituals, published by Abingdon Press) writes: "In this version of 'Mary had a Baby,' this re

What does something has gone a-rye mean ... and is a-rye the correct phrase or spelling?

First it is "awry" it means "away from the correct or expected course" According to Merriam Webster: Pronunciation: \\ə-ˈrī\\ Function: adverb or adjective Date: 14t

What is the meaning of the phrase in and out?

Depending on the context, it could mean a quick stop somewhere, meaning "I'm going in, then coming right back out... in and out."   It could mean that there is a back an

What does phrase mean?

A small group of words

What does the phrase 'can it' mean?

It means, "put it in the (trash) can" -- usually figuratively, not literally. It means put an end to it, stop it. discard it and begin again I always thought it meant to

How do I get a window up when the motor has gone out?

Depends on the vehicle. Sometimes you can pull up on the glass and push the button and the motor will move just a little bit. Eventually, you will get the window up. If that d

Who originated the phrase I have dreamed a dream and now the dream is gone?

In the Bible in Daniel, chapter 2, King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream and says "I have dreamed a dream and now that dream is gone from me". He was troubled by the dream. He calls
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What does something has gone a rye mean and is a rye the correct phrase or spelling?

Awry (From Dictionary.com)   a·wry   [uh-rahy]adverb, adjective1.with a turn or twist to one side; askew: to glance or lookawry.2.away from the expected or proper dir