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Roy G Biv is a memory aid used to recall the order of the colors of a rainbow or the rainbow pattern (spectrum) created when a prism breaks up white light by refracting different wavelengths (colors) of light by different amounts. The order is

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Roy g. biv ian?

  red orange yellow green blue indiago violet

What does ROI stand?

Return on investment.

Is ROY G BIV real person?

No, ROY G BIV is an abbreviation of the colors of the rainbow. R- Red O-Orange Y-Yellow G-Green B-Blue I-Indigo V-Violet

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What does roy g biv stand for?

Roy G. Biv stands for Red,orange,yellow,blue,indigo,violet (the colors of the rainbow(an easy way to remember it )

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Who created roy g biv?

The person that is credited with creating "ROY G BIV" is Sir Isaac  Newton. It was created from his use of color notation and the color  wheel he made that reflected all vis
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Where did Roy G Biv come from?

The fictional "Roy G. Biv" is the acronym mnemonic for the 7 colors of white light, in order of their wavelengths from shortest to longest :  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue