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It means to lift your brow up and the other one down. Try this and look at the mirror. That's what it means.
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What does Olive brow mean in the song tis midnight and on Olives brow?

The song is about Jesus' last night before being captures and crucified. He spent this night in the garden of Garden of Gethsemane which lies at the foot of the Mount of Olive

What dose Stars on barrel of browing shotgun mean?

  it is part of the choke codes.   BROWNING CHOKES AND THEIR CODES (ON REAR LEFT-SIDE OF BARREL)   '*' designates full choke (F).   '*-' designates improved m

What is the meaning of 'Furrow followed free'?

In the poem "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge this phrase is found. It is an image. Visual imagery. When the ship moves on a tideless ocean it cuts thro

What is cleavage furrow?

Cleavage Furrow is a groove in the plasma membrane between daughter  nuclei     "The cleavage furrow is an actin rich "purse sting" that draws  tight to separate d

Furrowed in a sentence?

  He worried about the fate of the old horse and deep lines furrowed his brow.

What is cell furrow?

a cell furrow is the pinching off of two separate cells during cytokenisis, an actin ring condenses at the equator and eventually tightens enough as to where the one cell is p

What is a furrow?

  a furrow in a trench or channel in the ground made by a plough, it looks like a long groove or a rut. Seed is planted in there and covered up from which crops grow
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What is a cleavage furrow?

A cleavage furrow is an indentation of the surface of the cell that  begins the cleavage. It is where animal cells undergo cytokinesis.

What is the meaning eye brow movement?

Eyebrow movement can convey so many different emotions, just like every feature of the face. High eyebrows, a slack mouth and wide eyes conveys surprise. One quick lift of bot

What is a clevage furrow?

The cleavage in the furrow is the shallow part between two areas of raised soil that has been plowed for planting. It is also a term used in biology when a cell is splitting