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The first "e" with the line over it (the line is called a macron) is pronounced with a long "e" sound like in the word "bee." The second "e" with the curve on top of it (the curve is called a breve) is pronounced with an "eh" kind of sound; much like the "e" in the word "pet." The sixth "e" with the grave accent often denotes that an "e" would have an "eh" sound when it normally wouldn't. You can usually see this in the works of Shakespeare in which a word like "winged" would be marked to be pronounced as "wing-id" for rhyming purposes. The other "e" that has an accent on top pretty much means the same as the one before, it's just used more widely. The third and last "e"s with the dot(s) above it, the fifth and eighth "e"s with the carons on top (look like arrow tips), and the fourth "e" with the hook on the bottom aren't sounds that are used in the English language often so you wouldn't have to worry about them unless you are reading in another language.
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