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1337 = leet as in elite (type 1337 on a calculator and turn it upside-down)

It can mean that someone is very good at a game, or anything really.

It's the opposite of noob, as in newbie.

NOTE: Noob and newb are 2 different things. A noob is someone who doesn't follow the rules because they don't care, but a newb is someone who doesn't follow the rules because they are new and don't know them.
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What is 1337?

3 1337 means 'leet' in a language called 'leet speek' which really isn't an actual language.... http://www.computerhope.com/cgi-bin/convert.pl

What is 1337 speak?

1337 speak is when someone type like a "pro", Usually used by nerd'ish gamers and hardcore internet users. this is an example for a 1337 typing: h0w 4r3 u t0d4y m4te 0 = o

What does 1337 stand for?

Technically, it in itself does not mean anything, but if you type it into a calculator and turn it upside-down, it says "LEET" as is elite, it is used to refer to someone who

What does the 1337 mean?

It means the leet, noob. Teh as in the. Leet as in elite. The elite. Its called 1337speak. It makes you cool.

Where did 1337 come from?

Leet (also 1337, eleet, leetspeak) originated in the 1980s within bulletin board system, where elite status allowed user access to file folders, special chat rooms, and games.
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Is 1337 epic?

Yup. 1337 is another way of saying "leet" which is short for "Elite" :D
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What does the term '1337' mean?

In the language of internet slang it appears that "1337" translates to the word "elite". It is often used to describe a person who has good computer knowledge and gaming skil
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Is 1337 prime?

1,337 is composite. The factors of 1,337 are: 1 7 191 1337