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Does 417 Italy stamped on a necklace mean its real?

The # "417" is the quality of gold in the piece. It is 10 karat out of a 24 karat scale. 10 % 24 = .417 which = 41.7% pure gold. The word "Italy" just refers to its country of

What does .417 AV mean?

417 = 10k gold. AV is likely the makers mark. Assuming you are seeing this on a ring or other pirce of jewelry.

What is 417 Italy mean that is stamped on a bracelet?

417 stamped on a piece of jewelry denotes the gold content of the jewelry. 417 is 41.7% gold or 10k. 585 would be 58.5% gold or 14k.. Pure gold is 24k. To find the percent of

How many feet is 417 meters?

About 1 368.11024 feet. Direct Conversion Formula417 m | * | 1 ft 0.3048 m | = | 1,368.110236 ft

What does 417 MB on a gold bracelet mean?

The 417 marking means the item is 10K gold. There are 24 karats in pure gold. 10K gold is 41.7% or .417 pure (divide 10 by 24). Visit the link below to learn more about vari