What does Boun Natale mean?

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Boun Natale means "Merry Christmas" in Italian.

Buon Natale!
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What does Feliz Natal mean?

it means merry Christmas and you spelled the last word wrong its like navida o somthing not natal No. They didn't. Natal is Portuguese Navidad is Spanish

What is natality?


Who is the bouns Jonas?

There is no bonus Jonas... theres just 4 Jonas brothers but 3 are in the band so Frankie is the "bonus" one

Where is natal?

It is a province of South Africa called KwaZulu-Natal.

What does natale allegro mean?

Natale means Christmas and allegro means happy so it means happyChristmas. But the real way to say happy Christmas is Buon Natalein Italian.

What is natal?

Natal is an attatchment to the xbox 360 that makes you the controller im looking forward to it

What does Où est sa ville natale mean?

"Où est sa ville natale?" translates as "Where is the town where he/she was born?" "Ou est sa ville natale" translates as "Where is the town where he/she w

What does this mean in English Boun jour D ou es tu stp?

This is somewhat fractured french. You probably meant to say 'Bonjour. D'ou es tu s.t.p?' This means 'Good day. Where are you from please?' However the use of the famila
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What does post natal mean?

Post Natal refers to the time after the birth of a baby. Similarly, Prenatal refers to the period while the baby is still in the mother's womb.
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What does 'natale immagini' mean in English?

It means native images. Natale directly translates to native in the english and immagini translates to image in english. Immagini do natale can translate to a slideshow.