What does Cogito ergo armatum sum mean?

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It means "I think, therefore I am armed." Although it should be armatus sum or armata sum unless you are of the neuter gender.
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What does Cogito Ergo Sum mean?

Literally, "I think therefore I am". It is a philosophical statement that means a person or object that can think must exist in order to be able to do so, but that they cannot

What Does Ergo Et Sum mean?

Nothing. Literally translated it means "therefore and I am" which is meaningless. Perhaps you are thinking of René Descartes' dictum "Cogito Ergo Sum" which means "I think,

What is LEGO ergo sum mean?

The saying is making fun of René Descartes, who is famous for the paraphrased, "Cogito Ergo Sum" meaning "I think therefore I am." Lego can mean many things: legō, le